Want A C7 Corvette That Looks Like A C2? That’ll Be $150k Thank You Very Much

If you’ve always wanted a Corvette C2 but didn’t want to deal with the hassles of owning an old car, you’re in luck as Sterling BMW has this unique 2011 Corvette C7 Convertible.

Listed for a tad under $150,000 (£121,757 / €137,840), this particular model features styling inspired by the iconic C2.

Billed as a “one of a kind black beauty,” the Corvette has been given an extensive makeover by CR Coachworks. As part of the process, the car has been equipped with a retro-inspired carbon fiber body, hidden headlights and side exiting exhaust tips. The model also features a throwback grille, chrome bumpers and a ram air hood.

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While the exterior styling is certainly interesting, the cabin carries over untouched. That’s a bit disappointing, but drivers will find heated leather seats, a dual-zone climate control system and an infotainment system with GPS navigation. Other highlights include a push-button ignition, a head up display and a Bose audio system.

Despite wearing 427 badges on the hood, the car is powered by a 6.2-liter LS3 V8 engine that produces 430 hp (321 kW / 436 PS) and 424 lb-ft (575 Nm) of torque. It is connected to a six-speed automatic transmission which sends power to the rear wheels.

While the price tag seems a bit steep, the car only has 11,611 miles (18,686 km) on it and the dealer noted CR Coachworks charges $165,000 (£133,710 / €151,389) to build the RetroVette Convertible. However, the base Corvette stickered for just $69,585 (£56,385 / €63,832).

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