What is the Quora Question Bot

The sympathetic wise guy

Support your customers with an extra helping of brains. Get to know the Answer Bot: It works hand in hand with your support team to assist customers with artificial intelligence. He answers common questions, but he knows his limitations and knows when to call in a human support agent.

  • Always on duty

    Your account managers sometimes need a break. Answer Bot doesn't. He is always ready to help customers.

  • A real team player

    Answer Bot can handle tickets with low priority with confidence. If a customer service representative is required, he forwards the entire context to him.

  • Easy setup

    Answer Bot is ready to go in minutes. A few clicks and off you go!

Instant responses on every channel

Present everywhere

You want to be where your customers are, but you can't split up. This is where the Answer Bot helps, because you can use it on all support channels - chat, messaging, e-mail, Slack and more. This allows even more customers to be looked after and waiting times to be shortened. And that in turn increases customer satisfaction.

Seamless handover to support staff

Lend a hand to customer service representatives


Set up bot conversations

The secret to setting up your bot is the Flow Builder, which allows you to orchestrate the conversation between the Answer Bot and your customers as desired. Once you've created a conversation flow, you can publish it in multiple languages. All of this can be done with just a few clicks - without writing any code.

Do it yourself

Your own bot

We welcome all bots. You can develop your own bot or integrate an existing bot into Zendesk using our open and flexible platform.

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Integration galore

The ideal partnership

Find the perfect preconfigured chatbot for your business. Our partner integrations make it easy to integrate a wide variety of chatbots into Zendesk.

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"The Answer Bot is our first line of defense in avoiding tickets."

Tonni Buur

VP of Global Support, Trustpilot

10 %
Self-service resolution rate with the Answer Bot