What are some breathtaking coincidences 2

Eric Elfman; Neal Shusterman: Tesla's Insanely Evil and Breathtakingly Revolutionary Conspiracy / Tesla Vol. 2


The second volume builds directly on "Tesla's legacy", but could also be read without prior knowledge, as the most important events are briefly explained in some places. However, this slows the pace and so "Tesla's Conspiracy" is primarily about the almost manic search for the inventions of Nikola Tesla. Nick really wants to get back the accidentally sold devices in order to assemble them into a world machine: the Far Range Energy Ermitter, or F.R.E.E. for short, the life's work of Nikola Tesla. The boy and his friends also have to go to the lion's den - to the secret society of the Accelerati, which seeks Tesla's inventions with all their might. Some of these devices have also brought the earth closer to extinction: Because of Tesla's baseball bat, a metal meteor orbits the earth and electrifies the earth, and Tesla's bellows triggers violent tornadoes. The following volume does not come close to the tension of the first, but often gets lost in secondary strands; the coincidences of the events naturally also show Nick's confusion and helplessness, but could irritate the reader. Anyone who has a weakness for technology and the bizarre weird humor of the first volume will love to read volume 2 as well.

Didactic advice

As the centerpiece of a trilogy, “Tesla's Conspiracy” must of course also be found in school libraries. As a full font or book presentation only suitable if the whole series is covered.

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