Respond instantly to text messages

Smishing: The best tips for fighting phishing SMS

In principle, SMS phishing is always about suggesting an urgent problem or event immediate action is required makes. Therefore, you should never act immediately and instead carefully review the SMS. We have collected the most important criteria for you to distinguish a real SMS from a phishing SMS. The key question is always: How authentic are the sender and content of the SMS?

Tip 1: Check the SMS on error in the spelling, orthography and grammar. Cyber ​​criminals often operate internationally and use translation tools. You can see this in the received text messages in many cases.

Tip 2: Check the Phone number of the sender to make sure that it really belongs to the alleged company. Note, however, that even if you have a seemingly real number, you are not automatically dealing with an authentic message. Smishers can use what is called Spoofing fake another number.

Tip 3: Ask yourself which one Occasions a SMS is an appropriate medium of communication would. A bank will never contact you by text message in the event of a problem, and the likelihood of being notified of a prize in a competition by text message is almost zero.

Tip 4: Give never financial or payment information on a website or in forms that are linked in an SMS. In addition, never click on links from unknown senders or those whom you do not trust. Be especially suspicious of text messages that convey a special urgency.