What is raw food

What is raw food ... and why do we feel so alive with it?

Why do bread, pasta & Co. make you feel full, but at the same time so limp and tired?


Much of what we eat every day is, from a nutritional point of view, “empty kilometers”. Shelled rice, pasta made from white flour, and sugar are low in fiber and contain little to no nutrients or deprive our body of energy, as it has to be used to digest the amount of calories. In addition, these foods are among the strongest "acid generators" that promote acidification in the body. If too many acids are produced during digestion, the body has to neutralize them, which in the long run leads to a mineral deficiency. Many plant-based foods such as carrots, bananas, fennel or lettuce, on the other hand, are base-forming, which means that acidification does not arise or can be compensated for. With a predominantly plant-based diet, we get a lot of nutrients that not only help us digest, but also allow important repair and healing processes to take place in the body. It is therefore important to remove or at least reduce the “empty kilometers” from our menu. Because only when all metabolic processes in the body can run optimally and we consume all the nutrients we need do we feel fit and vital.