How does online marketing help startups?

5 digital skills with which every startup can get started

Anyone who founds a company has to be prepared for a lot. Because turning an initial idea and perhaps even the first draft of a business plan into your own business is associated with many challenges and effort. Founders need reliable know-how, good time and project management and perseverance in order to lead their company to success. An important point that is fatally ignored again and again in many startups is marketing. Or more specifically: online marketing. This is extremely important in order to turn a startup into a long-term profitable company. Because regardless of whether software or service, B2B or B2C product: Your own business must first be made known to potential customers. We have therefore summarized five digital skills that your startup can use to assert itself in the digital competition.

Create brand awareness with digital marketing

The success of young companies stands or falls with the awareness of a new brand. Many startup founders do not fail because of an idea that is suitable for business, but because the marketing potential is not exhausted. Fundamental analyzes are often missing, so that, for example, the wrong target group is addressed or the customer journey is not rigorously thought out through all channels. It is therefore particularly important for startups to use suitable tools such as the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system from Salesforce or to work with an agency.

Continue to grow with suitable communication tools

Communication is the key to success - and not just for companies that are just starting out. For a startup, the use of suitable communication tools, with which the company vision can be passed on not only internally but also externally, is of great importance. Because the ability to communicate quickly and in a targeted manner saves all employees a lot of time. And this is often very tight, especially in young companies. So if you want to communicate successfully internally but also externally through effective e-mail marketing or excellent customer service, you should think about the right tools right at the start of the company.

For a smooth process: fall back on reliable technology and software providers

For startups that are only present online, smooth technology is not only important in terms of customer satisfaction, but can also be vital. This applies to both the creation of your own website and the marketing tools used. A reliable CRM that delivers reliable data and analysis is just as important for small businesses as a functioning CMS (Content Management System). Therefore, startups should pay special attention to the technology and software used.

Create a positive UX with personalized customer service

A positive user experience (UX) is more important than ever today. According to a study by the cloud computing company Salesforce, online orders in Germany increased by around 19 percent in the first quarter of 2020. Consumers can not only choose from numerous e-commerce platforms, but are also increasingly demanding when it comes to digital support during the purchase or consultation process. With personalized customer service, which is also prominently presented digitally, startups have the opportunity to differentiate themselves from other small companies.

Business development: what comes after the startup?

Once a startup has survived the first phase, scaling is the next on the plan. Startups grow best when they quickly find new customers, win contracts and thus increase sales. Although this can happen in the originally intended market, if you really want to scale your company, you should also think outside the box and dedicate yourself to business development. There are a number of suitable tools for this, and not just for startups. Many software providers or agencies support startups even after the first few business years. If you want to develop yourself continuously and collectively, you should therefore pay attention to this aspect in good time.

Salesforce helps you get started with your startup

Whether reliable analyzes or simplified sales channels so that you can grow your company faster: Salesforce supports you with the CRM system for small businesses. In the areas of marketing, service and sales, you benefit from the company's specific expertise, so that you can get started with your idea behind the startup.

Curious? Then download the demo video for CRM from Salesforce here.

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