How much do people know about themselves

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Too little knowledge about one's own body, too many taboos - to do something about it, the physician Florence Randrianarisoa set up her YouTube channel Dr. Flojo started by providing information on medical topics and answering questions.

Florence Randrianarisoa already noticed while studying medicine that young people in particular know far too little about their bodies and how it works. And she noticed that many people don't really dare to ask questions when they are at the doctor's. It is no different for her, she admits, as a patient she often feels that she has not been seen.

"I know it myself from the patient's point of view, when you sit there and are excited and don't dare to ask."
Florence Randrianarisoa aka Dr. Flojo, Youtube doctor

In addition, with many of the things she was learning, she thought: Why doesn't anyone teach you that in school? All of this led to Florence eventually launching her YouTube channel Dr. Flojo, which she has been running with Funk since July.

A good doctor must be empathetic and be able to explain

When Dr. Flojo explains all sorts of medical topics - from bad breath to broken heart syndrome to intimate hygiene. Without a smock, but with earrings and nail polish. A normal person, not a demigoddess in white, because she wants to be approachable.

"For me it is important to be approachable and that people dare to ask questions."
Florence Randrianarisoa aka Dr. Flojo, Youtube doctor

Florence does a lot of research for the films and to answer users' questions. Sometimes the preparatory work is like a little doctoral thesis, she says. But it has to be like that, because in her videos and the information about them, the doctor now uses sources for everything, she says.

But knowledge alone is not enough to be a good doctor, says Florence. A good doctor must also have something human, she thinks, he must empathize and be able to explain things in an understandable way. That's exactly what she's trying to do with her videos.

In an interview with Sebastian Sonntag, Florence tells a lot more - for example, why she chose medicine, how she experienced the corona pandemic, and how the internet affects the work of doctors. In addition, the two of them puzzle over our "Stories of the Horse". You can hear the whole interview when you click on the Play button clicks.