What do you dislike about an RPG?

Role play - I can't take it anymore

Love her,

I urgently need a new perspective, otherwise I'll go nuts!

My son is still not allowed to go to kindergarten. He's only four, so he's not a preschooler. My husband and I are not systemically important. Man works, so I'm at home on short-time work.

There are no friends to meet because either the parents are systemically relevant and kids in the Kiga or the parents are very scared and value distance and still distance themselves from meetings.

Result: Sohnemann is now alone for weeks and I have to be a partner for his role-playing games. My problem: I can't do it and I really don't like it !!!!!!!

I can paint for hours, do handicrafts, Lego, build trains, cook, bake, I can do household chores with him. But in role-playing games I get downright dropouts and become permanently aggressive and it costs me all my power to stay relaxed.

I understand that he now needs 4 role-playing games and observe that the longer he is alone, the more role-playing games he now does. And I feel like I'm going to explode any minute. Sometimes I can inspire him to do handicrafts or painting. Kneading is still possible in part. But I succeed less and less. He always wants more role-playing games and because he has no playing partners, I have to serve.

When the household is done, everything is cooked and baked, I can't think of anything.

He no longer wants forests and meadows. Has had enough of it after the lockdown. Biking and the playground are enough after 3-4 hours.

But half an hour of roleplay alone can kill me. I don't want to withhold it from him and understand that he needs it.

Do I need a different setting?

How do other mothers do it? I'm sure I'm not the only one who prefers to run away screaming from an RPG?