What is the intuition behind the Pascal

Release of fears and blockages for a better intuition (MP3-Download)

This special Hypno-Spirit-Meditatation® by Pascal Voggenhuber, specifically helps you to release the fears and blockages that hinder your intuition. With this special technique you can solve old fears and blockages, so that you can better perceive your gut feeling again. A good intuition can help you to make your life easier and to feel better what is right for your life. This special meditation technique that Pascal Voggenhuber received from the spiritual world combines the most effective elements of hypnosis, meditation, suggestion, 432 Hz frequency music and during meditation you are effectively supported by the spirit guide. This form of meditation is unique and goes extremely deep and helps the practitioner simply and effectively to achieve a holistic transformation. We only recommend original products, this is the only way to transmit the special frequency of music and spirit energy. It has also been found beneficial to listen to this meditation with headphones. The calming music contains the healing frequency of 432 Hz. This relaxes, brings body and soul into harmony and has been proven to synchronize the halves of the brain. It ensures that the DNA is harmonized.

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  • Publisher: Enjoy This Life
  • Total running time: 35 min.
  • Release Date: June 29, 2020
  • Language: German
  • ISBN-13: 4061707472411
  • Item no .: 59490389