Too much intelligence makes people stupid

Intelligence distribution - fat people are smart

Well, do you have a little too much on your ribs? Other people say you're chubby, maybe a little voluptuous, stocky, or even fat? In the future you can easily stand over it. Because that is by no means because you are eating too much fast food or sweets. And also not because you do too little sport. No, it's all because you think a lot more and are therefore much smarter than these slim and stupid people. Canadian researchers have found out that thinking makes you fat and that intellectual stress triggers a feeling of hunger and leads to increased calorie intake.

Well, that's generally bad news for all students who both have good grades and want to look after their figure. That was tested Eating behavior by students at the University of Quebec in Canada. One part of the test subjects was allowed to hang around for 45 minutes and do nothing (for this they could have attended a lecture), the other part had to read and summarize a text or take a memory test, contrary to the usual behavior pattern at a university.

Stupid are characterized by a lack of appetite
Then we asked to the buffet. And this is exactly where the researchers came to the special finding that the students who were mentally "challenged" consumed up to 250 calories more than the comparison group. The sugar level fluctuated much more in these people and the body tried to replenish it quickly later. This is due to the stress, which in turn comes with mental Brain power communicates.

I think the results of this study should revolutionize nutritional research from the ground up in the next few years. Who, for example, with his Weight is not satisfied and wants to lose a few pounds, just pretends to be stupid for a few days.

By the way, the winners of the whole thing for me are clearly the Americans (because of the Dumbest Generation). A whopping 75 percent of the population there are overweight, by 2048 it should be almost 100 percent according to another study. No wonder then that the USA is known as the land of great poets and thinkers.

Whatever. I have to go to the fridge now, I've given myself way too many thoughts again ...

From Sabrina Clemens