How can blogging help promote a business?

Finding topics for corporate blogs

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In Germany, too, corporate blogs are becoming part of the public image of more and more companies. Not only companies like Daimler or Adidas have already discovered their potential as part of their public relations policy and are in close contact with customers, interested parties and multipliers via their corporate blogs. If the topic selection and preparation is correct, a company's own blog can lead to valuable communication between the company and blog readers over time. If you want to set up your own corporate blog, you need the right content for your target groups, the so-called content. But what topics should you blog about?

Your planning is crucial

How you design your blog thematically depends solely on your strategic goals. Who should read your blog texts: customers, multipliers, journalists? What messages do you want to convey? For example, if you provide insights into your company's workflows, you can use it to bring your readers closer to the people behind the services or products. On the other hand, you shouldn't report too often about your company in your corporate blog, but also pick up topics in which you can show your competence and at the same time interest potential readers.

Imagine your company is a manufacturer of car tires. So inform your readers, for example, about what a tire has to do today, which technologies are used to adapt tires better and better to external conditions, but also about how to properly mount or store tires. You can also point out risks such as aquaplaning and provide links to driver training courses. To stay with the example, deal with overarching topics such as the latest car technology, the road traffic regulations or the new catalog of fines. With the right mix of topics, you offer real added value and gain interested and loyal readers who trust you and contribute to your reputation as a reliable blogger.

Dare to change your perspective

It is important that you prepare your topics in a credible and transparent manner and that you do not see your blog as a marketing channel. Think about how you can treat your topics, products or services on different levels. For example, give insights into the latest developments and ideas (not just your own!) Or let the readers participate in the latest research. To do this, you can also integrate videos, photos and interviews with researchers or experts into your contributions, because these count as particularly high-quality content. It is good if you shine through your expertise and share it with your readers. In the case of challenging topics, it is advisable to simplify complex content so that interested laypeople can also follow it. You can also refer to posts in other blogs and give your readers the opportunity to view topics in a differentiated manner. So think outside the box, but please don't lose sight of your goal as a blogger!

To work out suitable topics, start with a thorough brainstorming session and first write down any ideas that can be published as a post. Let this list "rest" for a while and discuss it more than once. In the next part of this series, we will explain to you how you can develop a successful editorial plan from the topics you have found. We would be happy to advise you on setting up your company blog. Just talk to us!

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