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An hour of love goes on a journey to India. Dating apps are booming, even if 90 percent of marriages are still arranged by families. Love beyond the caste system, which officially no longer exists, is anything but common - and even dangerous.

The manual of eroticism and love - the Kama Sutra - was written in India almost 1,800 years ago. But there is hardly a trace of sexual openness in this traditional country.

"To this day there is no sexual education in Indian schools, and nobody speaks about sex at home either. Sex scenes from Hollywood films are censored."
Silke Diettrich, future ARD radio correspondent

Gender roles are very much determined by clich├ęd Bollywood love kitsch films. Women are dressed sexy, but chaste, helpless and naive - they are often conquered by the strong male hero. Perhaps this role model - passive woman and active man - is also a breeding ground for the brutal gang rapes that occur again and again in India.

"India is a thoroughly patriarchal country. Even if there was a prime minister as early as the 1960s - in many villages to this day, girls are still considered a shame for families."
Silke Diettrich, future ARD radio correspondent

90 percent of marriages are still arranged by families. But that's slowly changing in the big cities, especially in the middle class. Girls study and then earn their own money. Women are becoming more independent, and young men too want to free themselves from old traditions. Dating apps are becoming more popular in this group.

"Parents know: the children make the decision today. Financial independence is a great liberation for women. It will change Indian society."
Sumesh Menon, founder of the Indian dating app WOO

If young Indians fall in love with the caste system, it can have dangerous consequences, including honor killing by the family. An aid organization wants to change that: The "Love Commandos" - the love commando force - founded by the journalist Sanjoy Sachdev.

Silke Diettrich accompanied Sachdev on a rescue operation of a young couple to the police station.