How much does online training cost

How to find the right price for your online course

Are you wondering how to find the right price for your online course?

Before I show you how to find the right price for your course, let's talk about prices in general, okay?

Are you considering offering your new online course for under a hundred euros? Are you afraid no one will buy if you are too expensive? And you suppose low prices bring me more customers?

These thoughts are beliefs that are not necessarily true and shouldn't affect your pricing.

Higher prices for your online courses are better for your business:

1) When you take in more, you can deliver more value to your customers.

Be it with better documents, more attention, better service or even additional offers.

2) You attract more motivated customers.

What does not cost anything is not worth anything. If your online course is too cheap, your clients won't be motivated enough to make things happen. Your customers won't see any results and you won't get great references.

When I offered my webinar course for 49 euros, I had a lot of sales and ZERO references. People bought the course and NEVER actually did it. When I sold the same course for 490 euros, the activity of the participants suddenly went up.

3) You need fewer customers to generate your sales.

Fewer customers means less effort and fewer personnel costs. You can even offer better service for the same cost. Better service means fewer cancellations.

Ok, so how do you come up with the price for your new online course?

In the video I explain which 2 factors should determine the price of your online course.


In the first step you think about the goal of your course:

Is it an entry-level product that brings as many new customers as possible into your world? Then the course should only be so expensive that new customers would pay the price without much hesitation.

Is the online course your extensive flagship program? Then the price may be reasonably expensive for the extensive value.

Or is it your VIP product that is only suitable for a few customers? Your VIP product can easily cost 10 times as much as your flagship program.

In the second step, find the sweet spot for your price:

The sweet spot is the price with which you generate good sales with the least amount of effort.

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This is the price at which enough people will buy and give you an active and “full” class group. The price is high enough to bring your desired sales and to adequately compensate you for the effort.

You can find out the sweet spot by testing different prices.

I sold my high-flyer course at a different price with each launch and found that I have the most buyers at 1890 euros. When I raised the price to € 2,390, significantly fewer people bought it. Since I want an active and large group, I have lowered the price again to under 2000 euros.

That's how I found my sweet spot.


I hope these steps help you find the right price for your online course.