How do I track a cellphone

How do I track and spy on my girlfriend's phone?

There are many Tracking applications available on the internet that allow you to track a phone. But what do you need them for? And is it possible to spy on the girlfriend's phone.

Tracking girlfriend's cell phone

First we should say that cell phone spying on the partner is not legal. One can spy on the cell phone only if he is the owner of the cell phone or if the monitored person knows that they are being spied on.

There are many opinions that one has no right to monitor or locate other people ... That is why nobody can trace your girlfriend's phone ... But what should you do if your girlfriend is cheating on yours? It's good if these secret relationships are just a light flirt. But what if she has sex with another man .. Have you thought about your health? There is a good article by the user on the website for women, there you count the reasons why partners should monitor each other ... You might find something interesting for you.

Track the cell phone live

But few of these allow you to track a cell phone live, and those that do are very expensive. However, there is an inexpensive application that allows you to spy on your friend's phone in real time.
Spyware, once installed, enables you to monitor a cell phone in real time. That means you can follow every step of your friend's life. You can spy on almost anything through this app:

Tracking of GPS coordinates
View photos and videos
Access to text messages, Facebook and WhatsApp
Internet history monitoring
Access to call logs and the address book
And all of it LIVE
You just have to Spyware install on your friend's mobile phone. The app makes itself invisible and sends all phone data live to a web server. You can access this at any time by logging into your account with your access data.