How to Maintain Optimal Mental Health

Mental health in crisis: what to do now

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Loneliness, job loss and fear of infection: the pandemic poses challenges for many people. What helps now - an overview of our priorities on the topic

The last few months have been tough. The corona crisis causes insecurities, fears or depression for many people. But there are ways not to become hopeless even in these times and to do something good for yourself and your psyche. DER STANDARD speaks regularly to experts and asks them for advice during these difficult times. You can read here what tips they give, what is otherwise good for the mind and how you can grow with crises:

What now helps

  • Series: Today ...
    Are you satisfied with Lockdown and Corona and everything? DER STANDARD provides a daily everyday tip to make it easier to persevere. From proper breathing to sports to jigsaw puzzles - it often doesn't take much to increase your well-being a little
  • Burnout in the home office: tips against overloadDistribute the work in the team better, take breaks, be no longer available after work: What employees can do preventively against burnout and what signs managers should pay attention to
  • Your experiences with psychotherapy?
    The current situation is becoming a mental challenge for many. Therapy can help. The way there is often not an easy one. Share your experience!

What burdens us

  • The youth slide into depression
    The pandemic is also becoming a psychological burden. Experts are particularly worried about young people. More than half already show symptoms of depression
  • Why fears often lead us astray
    The corona pandemic has increased fear in our society. But often people fear the wrong thing and take populists off the beaten track
  • Salvation on sick leave
    Not least in the wake of the pandemic, psychological care in Austria was faced with new challenges. An inventory
  • Association calls for more psychotherapy places
    The number of those who suffer from psychological stress has increased due to Corona. Therapy places were not sufficiently increased, criticizes the Federal Association for Psychotherapy
  • Corona, fear and normal life
    Infection with diseases is a primal human fear. Taking them off again is not so easy for many people. Why the psyche needs support


Help in crises

  • Telephone counseling: 142,
    Advice by phone (midnight), e-mail or chat (6-8pm)
  • Crisis Intervention Center: 01/406 95 95,
    Advice for people in crisis by phone (Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.) or email
  • Social Psychiatric Emergency Service Vienna: 01/313 30,
    Immediate aid for people in crisis in Vienna
  • Helpline of the professional association of Austrian psychologists: 01/504 8000,
    Advice on the phone (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) and via email
  • Advice on the wire: 147,
    Advice for children and young people on the phone (midnight), by e-mail and chat
  • Service hotline of the Vienna Child and Youth Welfare Service: 01/4000 8011
    Advice on questions, worries, conflicts and crises in families, mediation on the offers of child and youth welfare in Vienna (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.).

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