Where does iron spawn in Minecraft

Minecraft: find iron - tips

The first few days and weeks of Minecraft are mostly about finding as much ore and iron as possible in order to get enough material for tools and structures. Tips on how to get these are in great demand.

Equipment for finding iron in Minecraft

Before you search for and find iron in Minecraft, you should craft appropriate tools. So that you can dig for the raw materials quickly and well and also mine them when you find them in Minecraft, please note the following tips:

  • There is little point in looking for iron above the ground in Minecraft, you have to track it down below the surface of the earth. You should definitely have a shovel and pickaxe with you.
  • Since you can extract wood without tools, the first thing you need to do is craft a wooden pickaxe. You can then use this to mine stones.
  • If you have stones, craft a stone shovel and pickaxe. So you are well equipped to dig. If you can find iron, you can mine it right away.
  • Since Minecraft life is dangerous, expect to encounter monsters before finding iron. So you should have a stone sword with you.
  • If you see cows, kill them. Then you have leather for armor. Of course, you can find iron without a sword and armor, but it's safer to have these things with you.

Tips to find the ore

Now there aren't many tips left that can help you find iron:

  • Iron can be found underground in layers 0 to 64, it is definitely easier if you explore a cave that leads down instead of digging a tunnel. But exploring the caves is more dangerous than digging the adit, because in caves you will always meet monsters.
  • When digging a tunnel deep down, you shouldn't just dig a large space down there, this is mostly unnecessary. It is better to dig search alleys in all directions, leaving 2 blocks in between, as this will prevent you from digging past iron. In addition, you will not break down any unnecessary material that you do not need.

You will always find iron in Minecraft with these tips.

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