Chinese parents hate interracial marriages

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The project to research the sociometric organization of a community seems at first glance to be an almost impossible task. A precise analysis of the processes taking place in a social structure must not only take into account the tendencies appearing on the surface of the population. Numerous individual processes contribute to the overall picture and each one of them consists of a number of problems that need to be dealt with objectively. All of these shades must be expressed within the overall analysis, unless fiction is to take the place of scientific truth. It was therefore our first task to analyze the individual members of a community in their social context. The experience of other sciences encouraged us to tackle this difficult task; some carefully thought out breeding experiments by Mendel led to the formulation of the biogenetic law of inheritance - a thorough analysis of a number of individuals resulted in a good general knowledge of psychodynamic principles. Hence, we expected that careful study of a number of small communities would develop a better understanding of the dynamic foundations of any other community. Finally, we hoped that by studying a particular community thoroughly, however peculiar and different from other communities, we would acquire means and methods which could be applied to all communities.

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