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Student exchange in Corona times: which country is best for the year abroad in 2021?

Seven tips for choosing the country for the student exchange 2021/2022 for the year abroad in Corona times

Many young people want to gain international experience during their school days, get to know another culture, learn other people, make new friends and learn a language perfectly. In view of the corona epidemic, preparation for the school year 2021/2022 is a particularly important task. At the beginning of the deliberations there is always the question: Which country should you go to? The non-profit foundation for international understanding has analyzed the most important points. This also includes the corona aspect. The main results are presented below. The complete elaboration can be found free of charge in the student exchange blog (www.schueleraustausch-portal.de/blog)

1 The best countries for student exchanges in 2021: The language. Most young people are drawn to an English-speaking country, especially the USA, for school exchanges. Which language should one prefer to learn during the year abroad? The answer depends on the motivation of the students.

2 The best countries for student exchanges in 2021: The culture. When it comes to getting to know something new during the year abroad, there is a lot to be said for choosing a culture that is as different as possible from German culture.

3 The best countries for student exchanges in 2021: The education system. The prerequisite for the leave of absence from the German schools is that the pupils attend a school abroad that is “equivalent” to a German secondary school. In practice, this is not always the case everywhere. This applies both to the differences in the management of state schools abroad and to private schools. When choosing a country, the general level of the education system is a guide. In the case of English-speaking countries, for example, one can assume that the academic performance is highest in Great Britain and Canada. The educational systems of the Spanish-speaking countries, especially in South America, are judged to be very “average”.

4 The Best Countries for Student Exchange 2021: The Cost. The differences between the countries are influenced by the general price level in the country concerned, as well as by the attractiveness of the countries from the perspective of young people. As a result, Spanish-speaking destinations are cheap, while the English-speaking top destinations also lead the cost spectrum. Great Britain, Canada and New Zealand are at the top of the list.

5 Best Countries for Student Exchange 2021: Scholarships. Every year, more than a thousand scholarships are advertised for school exchanges, for which German schoolchildren can apply. According to country, most of the scholarships are for the English-speaking destinations, especially the USA. An overview of the serious scholarships can be found in the student exchange scholarship database (www.schueleraustausch-portal.de/stipendien).

6 The best countries for student exchanges in 2021: Corona. In Corona times it is important that both departure from Germany and entry into the host country must be possible for the student exchange. In addition, the high schools in the country must be open and ready to accept guest students. If the current development continues, one can expect that the student exchange in the European countries and in the top destinations in the English-speaking area will be feasible starting from autumn 2020. In any case, it is good to know that the places of residence of the exchange students and their high schools are usually in the countryside, i.e. in relatively safe regions.

7 The selection of the exchange organization suitable for the target country in 2021. There are a large number of reputable providers on the German market who have high schools in their programs. It is important that you only look at providers who are both serious and efficient. The pre-checked overview is available online in the provider search on the student exchange portal (www.schueleraustausch-portal.de/einrichtungen). You can personally get to know and compare the reputable providers at the nationwide Auf IN DIE WELT trade fairs of the non-profit foundation Völkerverständigung, which only reputable providers allow. Places and dates: www.aufindiewelt.de/messen. Entry is free.