How expensive is ammunition for weapons

Firearms: That's why the Americans don't want a ban

"From Germany? Have you ever used a gun? No? It doesn't matter, we'll teach you! ”The friendly clerk behind the counter in the reception building of the Clark County Shooting Complex smiles happily at me after she has checked my German passport. “The first thing you have to do is watch our security video - it only takes 20 minutes.” She points to a door behind which two bored boys and their even more bored friend are watching an old tube TV.

There is a continuous briefing: “... the barrel of the loaded weapon must always point down the shooting range. At the signal, secure the gun, unload it and step back from the shooting table ... “I'm so tense that I don't understand some of the details until the second run, then I go back to reception and get a yellow cardboard card. "This certificate confirms that the owner has seen the CCSC security video," it says.

“Which rifle do you want?” Asks the receptionist. Next door, the bored boys buy 5.56mm rifle ammunition according to NATO standards and brand new semi-automatic Beretta carbines that were developed for the Italian army - laymen would call the matt black weapons assault rifles.

I'm on the very northern outskirts of Las Vegas - where the city turns into the desert. Shooting is one of the most popular hobbies in Nevada, and out here, where the noise doesn't bother anyone and there is space for miles, the Clark County administration runs its public shooting range as naturally as a German community runs its outdoor swimming pool. I'm here because I want to know why Americans love their guns so much.

Down on the Las Vegas Strip, tourists are ripped off on shoddy shooting ranges, paying $ 100 for ten rounds of pistols and 25 rounds of rifles. The town's gun fans meet up here every Saturday and can shoot as much as their ammunition supply allows for an entry fee of nine dollars.

Gun ownership divides the nation

At ten o'clock in the morning there are two dozen large pick-ups and SUVs in the parking lot, stickers from the National Rifle Association with slogans like “Guns don't kill people” are stuck to the bumpers. I do ”or“ What if only criminals had guns? ”A staccato of pistol shots disturbs the morning calm of the desert, accentuated by the thuds of a large-caliber long gun.