How much chocolate can kill a dog

Can a dog eat chocolate?

Mmh, chocolate. Chances are your mouth will water just thinking about it. Why not? Chocolate is delicious and harmless to us humans. But can our four-legged friends enjoy chocolate as carefree as we do? No way - chocolate can be deadly for our fur friends! This article will tell you everything you need to know about chocolate poisoning in dogs what to do if your dog has eaten chocolate. If you want to read more about safety & nutrition for dogs, you will also find more information here about foods that are poisonous for dogs or learn more about a great way to always know where yours is and what dangers it is possibly exposed.

Can dogs eat chocolate?

In short: No - under no circumstances should you feed your dog chocolate. If dogs eat chocolate, it can have fatal consequences - so make sure that no chocolate is within your dog's reach.

Why are dogs not allowed to eat chocolate?

The reason dogs are not allowed to eat chocolate is because it contains substances that if ingested, are toxic to dogs. In plain language it is Theobromine,a natural ingredient of the cocoa bean. Theobromine is not completely harmless to us, but we would have to eat very large amounts of chocolate (no, that is not an invitation!) And even then we would only show mild symptoms of intoxication. A dog, on the other hand, has reached the level of chocolate that causes poisoning more quickly.

How much chocolate can a dog eat?

Once again: The amount of chocolate a dog eats should be zero. However, if your dog has eaten chocolate anyway, a small bite of it (such as a bite of your cookie) is not immediately dangerous or fatal. How dangerous chocolate is depends primarily on these factors:

  • the type of chocolate
  • how much of it was eaten
  • the size of the dog

Dark chocolate, cocoa and cooking chocolate contain a large amount of theobromine, that is toxic to dogs. Even a small amount of this chocolate could be highly toxic to your dog. White and milk chocolate, on the other hand, contain a smaller proportion of theobromine and are therefore less toxic. However, under no circumstances should your dog consume this type of chocolate.

Hills Pet says 25 grams of dark chocolate is enough to poison a 20-pound dog.

What happens when dogs eat chocolate?

As mentioned, Chocolate poisoning can be fatal in dogs - your favorite candy could kill your dog. That would be every owner's worst nightmare, so it is really not a good idea to lure your dog with chocolate. If your fur friend has eaten chocolate, the following symptoms may occur:

  • Upset stomach
  • To hand over
  • diarrhea
  • irritability
  • Racing heart
  • Wetting
  • Muscle tremors
  • cramps
  • death

If your dog shows any of the listed symptoms, you must immediately initiate first aid measures to save his life. You can do that:

What to do if your fur friend has eaten chocolate

πŸ“ž Call the vet immediately, should you suspect that your dog has been eating chocolate. In the German-speaking countries there are Poison control centers, that you can contact.

🍫 Keep the chocolate packaging, so your vet knows best what treatment the dog needs.

πŸš‘ Drive to the vet as soon as possible, if you know your dog has eaten the Easter chocolate or has any of the symptoms listed above. Especially if he has eaten a large amount of chocolate or very dark chocolate (with a high theobromine content).

The vet will make your dog to vomit to get the poison out of him, as well as your dog Charcoal tablets which stop the theobromine from being absorbed into the blood. Act quickly - in the event of chocolate poisoning, your dog should be treated as soon as possible so that he can recover quickly. Further treatment and observation at night may be necessary in serious cases.

How can I protect my dog ​​from dangerous chocolate?

Dogs, like us, like sweets and probably want to eat whatever you eat. Since a dog, if there is a chance, is more likely to eat chocolate, It is important to make sure that it is never lying around within your dog's reach.

Here are a few tips to keep your dog away from chocolate:

  • Educate adults who have contact with your dog about how dangerous chocolate is to dogs.
  • Keep the chocolate out of your dog's reach - for example, store it in tall cupboards.
  • Use a door guard to keep your dog out of the kitchen and dining area.
  • Be there when children play with your dog and explain to them that dogs should never eat chocolate.
  • Train your dog so that he knows the "let" command and does it.

Whether you enjoy chocolate on a special occasion or on a normal day, remember that chocolate is very dangerous for dogs. Make sure your fur friend is safe and remove chocolate from their surroundings. This is the best way to protect your darling from chocolate poisoning!