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Charlotte Roche : "I stank like a hedge polecat"

Charlotte Roche, 29, is best known for her music show "Fast Forward". After the station “Viva Zwei” was discontinued, the Grimm Prize winner and “Bildblog” sponsor has now written a book: “Wetlands”. Charlotte Roche lives with her family in Cologne.

Ms. Roche, what do you answer when someone asks what “wetlands” is about?

Depends on. I don't necessarily want my relatives to read the book, so I tell them: It's all about masturbation, then they'll turn away ashamed. I explain to men that in the book a woman pleases herself, they usually find that a good thing. And when my beautician in her smock wanted to know what it was about, I preferred to say that the story was about a young girl who was in the hospital.

This young girl, whom you call Helen, was injured in the most uncomfortable way while shaving and is also suffering from hemorrhoids.

Sometimes after writing the story I would lie in bed at night and couldn't sleep because I was afraid someone might punish me for my book. Hemorrhoids are my favorite taboo. By the way, they are located behind the sphincter muscle. The spectrum ranges from being slightly itchy to pain as hell. Unfortunately, people are such that they only deal with something like this for a long time. If the proctologist wants to know whether the parents had something to do with it, you don't know. For me this is a typical joke about humanity: it has been inherited in a hemorrhoid family for generations, and no sow speaks about it to the child.

But you don't just want to enlighten, you also want to provoke.

Provoke? No, these are all really my topics. I'm crazy about how boys and girls are brought up differently, for example in intimate hygiene. And then I sat down and wrote it all down.

Did you have a special place to work?

In the morning I took my child to kindergarten, showered, put on make-up - as if I were going to an important appointment. Then I sat down in our do-it-yourself cellar, where there is no window or cell phone network.

What was particularly difficult to write down?

Actually everything: I had the feeling that I was going somewhere that women weren't allowed to go. Women have less language for themselves and their bodies. It's different with men. If you ask a man about his fantasies about which he masturbates, he tells twelve stories.

Don't women dare to talk about it?

Women don't even dare to even think about such things! When writing, I first had to laboriously search for words for the individual parts of the female gender ...

... your clitoris is called "pearl trunk" ...

... and many women say to me: Yes, that's right, I don't even know what to call my own sexual organ in my head.

Do women and men react differently to your book?

Yes. Men tell me they get an erection reading. No woman has yet admitted that there are parts of the book that have aroused her. Women officially do not read sex books, women kill off their urges early. Men take what they need. That is educated. At home it was different: my mother raised me and my siblings in a feminist way.

Is this why you can talk openly about body fluids?

I'm not as cool as you might think after reading the book. If I see a friend's intimate wash lotion on the edge of the bathtub, I don't speak to her about it. These lotions send the message: You smell. Every woman has heard at some point that her sex organ supposedly smells bad. That makes it impossible to confidently say: Yeah, lick me, I stink. Who's so cool?

The protagonist of your book?

Helen is also vulnerable as a child. She wants her divorced parents to make up at her sickbed. She is completely naive and sad about that, and I believe that many children of divorce are like that.

They also?

Yes, I suffered when my parents divorced. Today I still envy people whose parents live together. Of course, the children can find that boring - but then they can go away and say: “You are narrow-minded, I'm going out into the big wide world.” As a child of divorce you no longer feel perfect, you don't go away, you heal someone World afterwards that the parents ruined.

Is There a Sane Divorce?

When you get help. And you have to make it clear to the child: It's not your fault that mom and dad split up. Children usually think: I'm not pretty enough, or I wasn't nice enough, and that's why papa is gone.

You tormented your mother quite a bit during puberty to find out if you were loved.

I stopped washing. I only now know that this is the hardest test of all: putting love to the test by stinking.

How did the experiment turn out?

My parents still took care of it. I beat them, stole them, insulted them - everything I could think of. When I was 15, I got paid for my own apartment. It didn't work anymore, I completely exploded. I hit her love as hard as possible to see if she was real. I stank like a hedge polecat.

Disgusting things like stench are repulsive and at the same time exert a strange fascination.

I have the compulsion to always have to look carefully. I don't want to be a looker! It has to do with life, with illness and the body. If my daughter is bleeding, then I can't find it disgusting, I have to act.

Playing a nurse is one thing, eating earwax - as Helen does - another.

What is the objection to ear wax? Hasn't anyone proven to me that it's harmful?

You also don't eat soup that you or someone else has spat into.

I think it's cool to keep eating: “I don't mind. I get spit in my soup very often. ”If you kiss another person, you don't get disgusted with their saliva.

According to Sigmund Freud, toddlers are not disgusted, but then those around them get used to smelling their genitals and feces and thus deprive them of a “first present”.

We have a psychiatrist in the family who wanted to know if I could live out my anal phase. Whether I was allowed to go into the toilet as a child and build sculptures. So if that is the case, then I have certainly not lived out the anal phase.

What about your daughter?

Children notice that society does not want to be overly occupied with one's chair. I probably drove it out of my daughter unconsciously. I'm not a mother who keeps doing "iiih". But I wouldn't say: Today is Sunday, today we're going to build a sculpture out of your feces.

Ms. Roche, there is nothing to disgust you with.

But. If someone next to me unpacks a salami sandwich or hard-boiled eggs on the train, I could throw up immediately.

Do you regret that the world is so sterile? Everywhere room spray, perfume ...

I cannot understand this whole craze for cleanliness. You are so alienated that you find perfume smelling good and sweat stinking. Sex is dirty, but you want to fall in love and have sex and children, and you can't do that without mixing bodily fluids. Everyone is following the same ideal of beauty. Which is particularly exhausting for women.

There are cosmetics for men too.

Yes, but much less. Men also suffer from bulimia? Bullshit! Women are the ones who get completely exhausted about their bodies.

To please the men?

No, men never say to women: “You have a big bottom.” Most of the time they repeat like a prayer wheel: “You look good.” But with women everything has to be perfect, they emulate something that makes them unhappy.

Why is that?

It is the fault of the mothers, who are nicer to their sons than to their daughters. Little girls understand: you have to look good to get a good man. It feels existentially important to be beautiful. Perhaps later, after women have worked for a few generations, how much they earn will also count.

That would be another superficiality.

Men live with it quite well: They go to work and they don't give a shit what they look like. A man has a job, a man earns money, a man has a stomach. Men are happier than women because they do not emulate any ideal of beauty and their aggressions are not directed against their own bodies.

You will soon be 30. Scared?

I want to try to age gracefully. I really want to see women on television who dress appropriately for their age. I hate 60 year old women who want to look like 20. There are a lot of shiny 60 year old men, why are there so few shiny 60 year old women? Maude from the movie "Harold and Maude" is my only role model. I would like more.

You yourself are a role model for a group of young moderators. Who did you once orientate yourself to?

I work according to the negative exclusion principle: I see people and think what they're doing is stupid and then I think that I don't want to moderate like that.

Since when is Alice Schwarzer no longer your role model?

Ever since she appeared on television with Verona Feldbusch. And she did an advertisement for "Bild". I fell over when I saw this. In my opinion, “Bild” is Germany's most misogynistic medium. How can a person like Alice Schwarzer dismantle himself like that? Emma's approach is also often clumsy, I am thinking of the “Por NO” campaign.

What can be said against the campaign?

She is a prude. Her theory is that women are humiliated in porn films. At first I have already seen a lot of porn films in which this is not the case, but the ones on "Emma" draw the conclusion: When men watch porn films in which women are humiliated, then they also humiliate women in real life. I find that hostile to men. A man can very well tell what is a sex game in a porn and what is real life. That there is now a real woman sitting at the cash register and I don't suggest: "Kneel down and give me a blow."

On "Fast Forward" they boycotted hip-hop videos because they were misogynistic. You could also say that this is not the reality.

I see a difference there. Music videos are on television day and night. And there are women in hip-hop videos who are just there to wiggle their asses. These are images that have a lot more to do with life than porn, hip-hop is a whole lifestyle. But porn movies are all about sex. Alice Schwarzer should stay out of my bedroom. If I'm a confident woman who likes to be humiliated in bed, she doesn't have to save me from it.

Where is there a need for feminist action?

I freak out when I hear or read that women with the same education earn less than men in the same job. I can’t believe it! But this is also due to the fact that women negotiate worse.

Are you good at poker?

Yeah, pretty good. When I worked at “Viva”, “MTV” always wanted to poach me. I used that as leverage, which was probably very masculine. It is considered unfeminine to be interested in money. Men simply say: I'm awesome, I work awesome, I get the money, otherwise I won't do it. But women sit across from their boss and exude a sense of gratitude that they are allowed to work at all. The modest must be driven out of women.

Are your children allowed to watch TV?

No. Only protected children's programs on video, Augsburger Puppenkiste, Pan Tau, Pippi Longstocking. Maybe my character Helen is a bit like Pippi. She is actually lonely, the father is gone, the mother is dead, she has two idiot friends Tommi and Annika who cannot hold a candle to her. But she stands on the porch and defiantly picks up her horse. So that everyone can see how strong it is. New children's television, this quick-cut manga bang or Sponge Bob, I think it's bad.

How early do you have to take away the illusion of an ideal world for children?

That is hard. Here in Cologne we always have to pass the Agneskirche, and there hangs such a large cross with Jesus. He looks ailing and my daughter is afraid of him. I told her that he was only holding on because otherwise he would fall off. Because I don't mean to say that there are people who nail others to the cross. But always an ideal world is also harmful.

When are you honest?

Once there was a death in the kindergarten, the gym teacher had died. My daughter came home: "Werner is now a star, and whenever the stars rise, we can see Werner." No, that's not the case. Dead is dead and dead is gone and gone is gone.

Your daughter is five years old. What do you do when she reaches puberty in seven years?

I have to deal with that. I'm pretty tolerant and already prepared for them to hear terrible music, techno Smurfs or DJ Ötzi.

Then what will you say?

Wow, that sounds great. Great beat!

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