What are some recipes for Christmas cookies

In the Christmas bakery: the 25 best cookie recipes

Store Christmas cookies properly

Sure - fresh from the oven, heather sand and shortbread biscuits taste best. So that your Christmas cookies are still a pleasure even after a few weeks, you should keep them in a well-sealable tin can - preferably each type for itself. But you should at least be careful not to keep dry cookies such as shortcrust pastry cookies or crispy gingerbread in a tin with "moist" cookies such as macaroons.

  • If you stack cookies in your tin can, place a layer of greaseproof paper between each layer. This way you can separate the types better and the biscuits are stored more gently.
  • Take care of the biscuitscompletely cooled down are.
  • Unlike macaroons, cookies are allowed with a chocolate coatingnot in the refrigerator.
  • Shortcrust pastry cookies such as Ausstecherle, shortbread biscuits and black and white biscuits with oneApple wedge to store. So they stay fresh until Christmas Eve.
  • Basically:Dry cookies last longer as filled cookies. You can still eat simple cookies after eight weeks, cookies filled with cream should be eaten within a week.
  • You can finishFreeze cookies tooas long as they are without chocolate icing or jam and the dough is not too moist, as is the case with macaroons. Simply bake them again briefly at 100 ° C convection.

Wrap Christmas cookies as a gift

Christmas is approaching and you still have no present? How about home-baked cookies: They are baked in a few minutes and packed even faster - in a mason jar, for example, or in a sandwich bag.

  • The classic among packaging: Christmas cookies in a transparent bottom bag - optionally decorated with stars or snowflakes. It will be nicer if you tie your sachet with a gift ribbon.
  • Not only beautiful, but also practical:small tin cans. The cookies do not dry out and taste like fresh out of the oven even after weeks.
  • If it has to go quickly, line a small cardboard box with cake lace and wrap it with gift ribbon. Also pretty: napkins or tissue paper as an inner lining.
  • You can also save your favorite cookies asDIY baking mix give away in a large screw jar. To do this, you simply layer the dry ingredients nicely on top of each other, write instructions for them and package everything. There are nice ideas here.
  • If you have yourBiscuits in the mail If you want to send them, make sure that they are well padded and that they cannot move too much so that everyone arrives safely.

Speculoos with almond flakes

With her perfect recipe, my colleague Laura has more than proven that speculoos are much nicer without a speculoos model. What do you need for that? Your old cookie cutters and a lot of imagination. To the recipe

Original heather sand

Only the browned butter makes this little biscuit what it is - a seductive love affair that gives hope for something great from the very first bite. To the recipe

Cookies with jam: rascals

A crispy biscuit with a jam core - these fine double-deckers are crunched away faster than you can say lousy rascals. To the recipe

Rudolph on your cookie plate: Sweet reindeer cookies

At the latest when you have Rudolf on your cookie plate, you will know that Christmas is coming soon. Even if the red-nosed reindeer looks so sweet and innocent - you can eat the cookies with a clear conscience. To the recipe


Small crispy pillows - how you like them! Sunflower and almond kernels on a bed of caramelized honey, coated in the finest dark chocolate. That's how we love our Christmas cookies! To the recipe

Brown gingerbread cookies

Crisp, crisp, knuckle. Who is nibbling at my house? As delicious as in Grimm's fairy tales and as tasty as in grandma's baking book - gingerbread is a Christmas tradition and the most delicious treats of the Christmas cookies. To the recipe

rum balls

Rum balls are as simple as they are addicting. Once you start doing it, you can't stop. If you don't want to snack on them all yourself, you can also wrap them up as a gift and make friends happy. To the recipe

butter cookies

Cookie recipes with childhood memories! Hardly any other cookie tastes so much like grandma’s Christmas bakery as these buttery cutters. To the recipe


These crumbly almond buns are a must for all marzipan lovers. Soft on the inside, crumbly on the outside and all around three fine almonds without skin. To the recipe

Cinnamon stars

Swabian cinnamon stars have to be juicy on the inside and crumbly on the outside. Only with the right batter do the sweet stars become real favorites of the cookie recipes. To the recipe

Vanilla crescents

Only the taste of delicate shortcrust pastry and real bourbon vanilla make these little biscuits into grandma's classics on the cake plate. To the recipe

Christmas nut sticks

I always start the Christmas biscuit production with these heavenly crumbly nut sticks. That way, the first hunger for biscuits is perfectly appeased and the mood is set for Christmas. To the recipe

Chocolate snow globes

It definitely snows at Christmas. If not outside, then definitely with these wonderful chocolate snow globes on your cookie plate. To the recipe

Shortbread cookies

Crispy, crispy and tender as butter - finding really good cookie recipes is not easy. And that although the traditional classic shortbread biscuits are so easy to bake. To the recipe

Bake yourself happy!

With Karla food processor you conjure up sensational cakes, tarts and co. from stirring, kneading to whipping - thanks 800 watt motor and 8 levels of stirring power every challenge becomes easy.

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Christmas cookies with icing

They are classic. They are beautiful. And everyone loves them. Invite your friends, put on your favorite Christmas platter and make the wine glow - baking cookie recipes can turn into the right event. To the recipe

Coconut macaroons

Caribbean flair on the cookie plate! Small egg-white pyramids that rise to their peak with a touch of coconut. To the recipe

hazelnut macrons

Today hazelnuts play the main role and in the nutty version of the macaroons are wonderfully light, fluffy and not too sweet. To the recipe

Almond and marzipan macaroons

With delicate marzipan and tart chocolate, these almond macaroons outstrip their classic counterparts. To the recipe

Angel eyes with jelly

Uncomplicated butter cookies with dabs of jam. The basis: a buttery shortcrust pastry. The topping: a fruity jelly. And the taste: unique - or heavenly good. To the recipe

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