Is Portuguese compulsory in Uruguayan schools


How is the school in Portugal?

In Portugal, children start school at the age of six. Some also go to kindergarten beforehand. You then go to elementary school for four years and then to high school for five years. These nine years are divided into three levels: The four years of primary school include level 1 (Primeiro Cíclo), the 5th and 6th grade are level 2 (Segundo Cíclo) and the 7th to 9th grade are then level 3 (Terceiro Cíclo).

All students go to school together up to the 9th grade. This basic education is called Ensino basico. Another three years are now compulsory, making a total of twelve school years. This school can be a vocational school or a high school Escola Secundária. Here you can choose from different orientations.

Lessons in English have been increased and there are now afternoon classes as well. With this, the Portuguese government wants to catch up with the school system lagging behind in a European comparison. State schools are free, like ours.

The school year starts in mid-September and ends in mid-June of the following year. The Portuguese students have three months of summer vacation! The school year is divided into three trimesters. There are two more weeks of vacation at Christmas and Easter.


There are grades in Portugal from 5 to 1. A 5 is the best grade you can get and a 1 unfortunately failed you here! The 5 is in Portuguese Excelente, the 4 Satisfaz bastante (Good), the 3rd Satisfaz (Satisfactory), the 2nd Não satisfaz (Unsatisfactory) and then the 1 is Fraco: Insufficient.

In the upper level, like us, points are awarded, but from 0 to 20. 20 points are a 1 with us. If you don't get 9 points, you have unfortunately failed.