What dangerous animals live in Germany

Hamburg Dangerous Animal Act Keeping dangerous animals in Hamburg

Why does Hamburg need a dangerous animal law?
A Hamburg Dangerous Animal Act is intended to protect citizens from dangerous animals that can escape and to protect keepers from injuries that can be fatal in individual cases.

Were there so many dangerous animals that escaped in Hamburg?
There were always escaped animals or injuries to owners.

Then why aren't dangerous animals banned altogether?
In our opinion, an absolute ban would not be proportionate because there are owners who are knowledgeable and reliable and who keep their animals safely.

Why should the animals in particular be banned from the list?
Because they are dangerous animals. The list can be expanded and is not exhaustive, it should therefore be regulated in a statutory ordinance that can be changed more quickly. The species-protected dangerous animals are not included in the list because their keeping is already regulated accordingly in other legal provisions.

Who monitors the keepers of the dangerous animals?
This is a task of the responsible district offices, which the official veterinarians of the consumer protection offices consult.

Is there sufficient staff and expertise available for this?
The district offices see the new task as important and ensure monitoring. The competent authorities are working together to determine future needs.

What happens if the keepers want to part with their animals?
You can hand over the animals to commercial keepers who have a permit under the Animal Welfare Act and are therefore competent and reliable and have the necessary housing facilities.

What happens to dangerous animals that are confiscated?
These animals are initially housed as seized animals in the animal shelter of the Hamburg Animal Welfare Association, with which the city has concluded a contract.

Isn't the shelter soon overflowing with dangerous animals?
Since the majority of owners handle their animals responsibly, this is not to be expected.

Where can I apply for a permit to keep dangerous animals?
The private keeping of animals classified as dangerous can be approved by the district authorities on application.