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Translation of "Vikings fan" in German

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{\ pos (192,210)} So, are you really a Vikings fan or was he lying about that, too?
Are you really one Vikings fan or did he lie about it too?

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A Superbowl victory might produce thousands of additional Vikings fans in the future willing to pay high ticket prices.
A Superbowl win could add thousands more Viking fans to produce in the future ready to pay high prices.
[Wiebke] It might now have appeared as if Isole did not had a shower last night and furthermore abused Alan Averill's vanity case, but it is :: EREB ALTOR :: Layered voices, catchy guitar melodies and acoustic parts pleased every Viking fan.
[Wiebke] Even if it seems that Isole didn't shower and use Alan Averill's make-up, it's :: EREB ALTOR :: Multi-part chants, catchy melodies and acoustic guitar recordings are really fun.
SKIDATA and partners provide Minnesota Vikings fans a new Vikings App, which includes a digital ticketing option, wayfind, food and beverage ordering, merchandise ordering, push notifications and video content.
SKIDATA and other partners represent Minnesota Vikings fans a new Vikings App available that includes features such as digital ticket option, route map, ordering food and drinks, etc.
Viking fans can ... read more Airports in Denmark Copenhagen (CPH) back to top Dominican Republic The Dominican Republic, often shorted to DomRep, lies on the eastern part of the island of Hispaniola, which it shares with the nation of Haiti.
As a sailing fan, you should go to the Danish South Seas, as this is a ... read more Airports in Denmark Copenhagen (CPH) to top Germany Use the cheap flights from Eurowings to travel quickly and comfortably to Germany.
This album is a must for Viking Metal fans!
This album is definitely a must have for Viking Metal Fans!
Hail to The Hammer has become the hymn to the new generation of folk, pagan, and Viking metal fans.
Hail to The Hammer has become an anthem for a whole generation of folk, pagan and Viking Metal Fans become.
8 Fans in Viking Support 12 servers
Nevertheless this concert was a full success - the fans'reactions showed that they support the Viking Death Metal heroes every time with devotion.
Nevertheless, the show can be considered a complete success, the reactions of the Fans showed this like a man behind theirs Viking Death metal heroes stand.
Well, does this world really need two further Nordic or Viking Metal bands? Basically I'm both a fan but also a skeptic when it comes to this genre.
Whether the world has two more Nordic resp. Viking Metal bands need? In principle I am both when it comes to this type of music fan as well as skeptics.
A triple stainless steelfan wheel is used in the water tank of the First Degree Fitness Viking PRO rowing machine. It offers the rower a direct and consequent resistance throughout the whole stroke.
The chemistry between Travis Fimmel and George Blagden on "Vikings"what so gripping, as a fan you tend to be incredulous that anything can ever match up.
The chemistry between Travis Fimmel and George Blagden in "Vikings"was so captivating it was believed to be fan hardly that anything could ever come close.
In this way very naturally the change to the nordic themes took place (vikings, battles etc.), as Quorthon had always been a huge fan of history.
This resulted in a natural change to the Nordic themes (Vikings, Battles, etc.), since Quorthon has always been a big one fan of history was.
In the evening of the 2nd November my friend and I joined a little international fan meeting in the "Viking Hotel "in Trondheim.
On the evening of November 2nd took place in Trondheim in the "Viking Hotel "a small international one Fan meeting instead, to which my girlfriend and I also went.
"Vikings"the series did a post on Twitter once, because I guess the marketing people know that I'm a fan of the show and they took my face and put it on a Vikings body with a beard and a long sword.
"Vikings"once posted something on Twitter because the marketing team knew I was a fan of the series. And they took my face and one on the body Vikings set, with a beard and a long sword.
And when soccer fan Johan Hegg superiorly throning shook his mane and bellowingly raged you started to understand how the monks of the Lindisfarne monastery must have felt when they were attacked by blood-thirsty Vikings for the first time.
And if football fan Johan Hegg, enthroned, shaking his mane and roaring his hymns, you can understand how the monks of Lindisfarne monastery must have felt when they were bloodthirsty Vikings were ambushed for the first time.
The WWF uses the Panono to document its projects across the world and the American football team, the Minnesota Vikings, captured the construction of the new stadium with 360º photos and is showing them to fans.
The WWF uses the Panono to document its projects around the world, and so does the Minnesota football team Vikings recorded the construction progress of the new stadium with 360-degree photos and his Fans presents.
The program offers different daily highlights to the fans of the medieval scene, from vikings'and knights' fights, staged role-player-battles, weapon shows, jugglery and music.
The program offers Fans the medieval scene daily various highlights, from Vikings - and knight fights, staged roleplayers' battles, weapon shows, juggling and music.
While the action in the first part took mainly place on the American continent, in part two the Vikings will cover half of Europe and the Middle-East. Fans provided suggestions for many new and interesting features for Cultures 2's incredible, awesome feel.
Shortly before the release on March 29th, the development team will be happy to answer your questions personally - all information, background reports and other things News all about the next hit game by JoWooD.
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