What are the benefits of corporate training

Show competence and save costs

Free training

Further training is extremely important: only with well-trained employees can you successfully stand out from the crowd and be really successful. Sending employees to the ETA courses is also immediately good for business, because ETA-certified technicians work safer, better, faster and more efficiently. Companies save time and money.

Further training pays off - especially if it is offered free of charge and the time required is low.


Learn efficiently in the course system

The individual courses build on one another. So it is important to go through them in the correct order. This module system saves time because all participants are always up to date. There is no duplicated teaching content. Efficient learning is thus possible in a short time.

One certificate, many advantages

Those who complete all three ETA course modules receive a certificate. This offers many advantages: Experts with ETA certificates can commission, maintain and service systems themselves. Another advantage is that if a certified technician installs the system, the warranty for the system operator is extended.


Here you can find the general information flyer about the ETA training courses


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