Why is Herbalife not sold in stores

Three houses, two cars, a diamond watch - with Herbalife you seem to be in the fast lane of life. A consumer wrote to us about what she experienced at a Herbalife seminar.

Status: 08/30/2003

“I was recently approached by a consultant on the Internet whether I would like to work from home for a little extra income. I accepted and was invited to a two-day seminar with dinner. The cost of this seminar is 75 euros and what is going on is not normal. "

Day 1 at Herbalife: a lot of money for little work?

I arrive at the hotel and I notice that a lot of people already know each other and greet each other as if they were best friends. I pay the 75 euros and get freebies from Herbalife.

Beginning of the seminar: When I approached the seminar room, I heard loud music. I stepped into the room and what I saw amazed me very much. As if in a sect, people stood in front of their chairs and clapped loudly to the music until the first speaker came on stage. Everyone was wearing a suit and a white badge with the words “I love Herbalife” on the jacket. They were advisors. But what are you doing at a seminar where consultants are supposed to be trained first? I asked myself. Half of the 45 or so people were already consultants. They fueled the mood. Clap after every sentence the speaker says, who of course is also an advisor. It tells about Mark Hughes, the founder of Herbalife and his lifelong dream of helping others. The story goes about the unbelievable turnover the company has made from 1980 to the present day, reportedly increasing from $ 500 million to $ 1.8 billion last year. And all because of the great products and marketing plans. These marketing plans, which remind me very strongly of the snowball system that is banned in Germany, are presented as a super-great niche in the market. Speakers are greeted with loud music and standing applause, people are brought forward who have achieved great results with the products and are of course consultants again. Have them tell what they did with Herbalife. For example Jens, he lost 15 kg in 3 months and his allergies are gone too and all only through Herbalife. “Thank you Herbalife,” everyone shouts into the microphone after reporting their successes. Then come the people who work part-time and full-time with Herbalife, and they achieve almost unbelievable earnings of 600 euros in additional income with a time investment of 15 hours per week up to 10,000 euros full-time earnings for 30 hours a week.

Shortly before the break, it is announced that Herbalife products will be served outside during the break. Please try them! The speaker takes a small cup with about 5 tablets on the stage and says that the products can be consumed safely, they are harmless, pure natural products. During the breaks you are served pills, drinks and yoghurts that you can supposedly take without hesitation. However, there is no warning that you should only take the products after you have discussed them with a doctor, e.g. for children, pregnant women or nursing mothers, as well as people with chronic kidney disease and diabetes. This is stated on every Herbalife product under the heading "for attention".

After the break, it is now announced that there will be a meal at the end of the seminar where you can meet with your contact person, i.e. the contact person who spoke to me over the Internet, and discuss everything else. Then, until the next break, only consultants will be introduced who will tell you how easy it is to make money with Herbalife. During the break, my contact person speaks to me and asks how I have liked it so far and that he has reserved a table for us for dinner. Now he started pinning me down. He got an "International Business Pack" from the car with a contract and product samples as well as several information brochures about Herbalife. The package cost 70 euros. But with that I can sell the products all over the world. I signed the consultancy agreement and went back into the seminar room.

There they introduced the people to Mr. T. (name changed), a consultant who makes so much monthly sales that he is in the Herbalife President's Club. This is the highest level that you can reach if you buy products for more than 10,000 euros a month. He said he had three homes and millions in his bank account - all through Herbalife.

Day 2 at Herbalife: Product Selling Made Easy?

The second day was limited to repetitions of the previous day and training on how to best sell the products. It started - how could it be otherwise - with music and standing applause.

But now films were shown about children with cancer and poor countries and advertised that Herbalife would support all these aid organizations and that we, as advisors, would give a part if we would buy a lot of products. All of this is cheap influencing at the expense of needy people, but it seems to work for some people. After the videos, consultants from higher classes were introduced again and they were supposed to give tips on how I can get the product to the man. They did this all day long with tips that even a 15 year old student would think of.

Until shortly before the end: Mr. T. appeared again and told us how he achieved financial advancement through Herbalife. He showed newspaper articles in which McDonalds had to post a loss of 10.5 billion euros and referred this in turn to Herbalife, which made a profit of 1.8 billion euros. He presented himself as an economic expert and predicted the boom in the wellness industry and the then logical success of Herbalife products. Everyone who is sitting here would be there at just the right time! Then he told about funny stories from his life, showed his three houses and two cars and his diamond watch. He managed all of this through Herbalife and “You can do it too! Thank you and good luck! "", Were his last words. Then the room shook, the people were enthusiastic about Herbalife. It all seems very strange to me. Despite everything, I signed this consultancy contract.

After the Herbalife seminar: buy products to qualify?

The next day I found out about Herbalife at Spiegel Online and on the Internet and found out that there may be contacts with the S. sect and that the company's founder, Mark Hughes, died from taking pills and alcohol. But that was kept from me at the seminar! Then I read reviews from people who have absolutely no success with Herbalife. A few hours later my consultant calls me and asked how I would have liked the seminar and when I would like to qualify for the next higher consultant level. All I have to do is buy products for 4,000 euros in one month or for 2,500 euros in two consecutive months. But that was not mentioned beforehand. I was only interested in a little part-time income, and if someone is interested in a part-time income, they certainly don't even have 2,500 or 4,000 euros a month to buy these products.

This report from a consumer reached us in August 2003. The Herbalife company sells food supplements, diet products and cosmetics directly in Germany.