Will CM Punk return to WWE

Triple H on a WWE return from CM Punk

Posted by Claudia.

Triple H appeared on Barstool Sports' Pardon My Take podcast on Monday promoting WrestleMania 37 Week and revealed that he has spoken to former WWE Champion CM Punk for the past two years.

Punk signed a contract with FOX Sports to work as a part-time analyst for the WWE Backstage Show on FOX in the fall of 2019. Triple H implied that he was speaking to punk at the time.

"The last time I talked to punk? That was about a year and a half ago. The funny thing is that people keep asking you, when is he finally going to return. I'm not sure though, if he's going to do that. When people talk about it, they say, 'Make the call!' But who says they'll be ready when we call them? Or maybe they just don't care anymore and are done with it.

I think if he wanted to do it (actually want to go back to wrestling) we would be informed about it and then have a conversation with him or he would just give us a direct call. "

When asked if Triple H would take a call from CM Punk, he said: "I don't know anyone in the business who wouldn't take a call"

Triple H also hinted that punk had a chance to return to WWE while working for FOX. Punk, who has not worked for WWE since 2014, emphasized several times that he is not interested in ever working for WWE again.

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