How to get necklaces knots

How do you untie a necklace?

You probably know that too. You have a knot in your necklace and you can't pull it apart again, as it is tedious and requires a lot of tact. You must also be particularly careful as the necklace can tear. A tip: To untangle knots in fine necklaces, you should put some cooking oil on the affected area. Wait 2-3 minutes and then try again to untie the knot. You can also detangle them with detergent that you put on the knot.

Another way to untangle a chain is with needles. To do this, take a fine sewing needle, carefully insert it into the knotted part and gently move the needle back and forth. In this way the knot should loosen and your chain is untied again. The same principle works with a toothpick.

If you have trouble gripping the fine needles, you can use pins as well. These have a head and can therefore be held more easily. When untying the chain, it is important that you lay the chain flat on the table and do not pull on it. With each pull, you pull the knot closer together again, which is counterproductive to your attempts to untangle. If you can't do it with one needle, feel free to add a second.

If you can't get the knot undone, take your necklace to a jewelry store. They will be able to help you there and untangle your chain professionally. In order to prevent future knots from forming in the first place, it is advisable to store the chain in an elongated box.