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Corona warning app: Corona app expanded to include a check-in function

The official Corona warning app can now be used to check in using a QR code - for example to go to a restaurant. Soon the app will also show the vaccination status.

The official corona warning app of the federal government has been expanded to include a check-in function. The new version 2.0 was released on Wednesday in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The new function is primarily intended to better record high-risk encounters between people indoors.

So far, the tracing app has only recorded people who have been at a distance of two meters or less for a long time as risk contacts. When analyzing infection chains, however, it turned out that this is not enough. Because: In closed rooms such as restaurants, department stores or churches, the dangerous air particles spread even over great distances. In addition, aerosols that are exhaled by infected people are still present in dangerous concentrations for a while after the person has already left the room. These findings are now taken into account in the new app version.

For the detection of clusters in rooms, the users of the app can check in by scanning a QR code, similar to the private Luca app. In the app, you can also create and print out the block graphics for private meetings yourself.

In future versions - a further update should come before the start of the summer holidays - a digital vaccination certificate should also be able to be displayed. This would enable users to prove that they have been fully vaccinated. In addition, the results of rapid tests should be able to appear in the app.