What is it like to be a construction worker

How to write a job description for a construction worker

Tasks of a construction worker

Depending on where a construction worker is deployed and which construction project has to be implemented, he or she performs a variety of tasks. These tasks can include:

  • Execution of assigned tasks by the site manager
  • Follow instructions and safety regulations
  • Construction and dismantling of scaffolding, access ramps and building panels
  • Transport, loading and unloading of building materials from construction vehicles
  • Prepare the materials needed to make them ready for use
  • Testing of machines and devices to ensure proper function
  • Support for craftsmen, machine operators, architects and engineers
  • Establishing foundations, structures and shapes


Skills and qualifications of a construction worker

Working as a construction worker primarily requires very good physical condition and the willingness to learn construction skills. This is very important because, depending on the construction contract, special additional requirements must be met. In addition, a construction worker should have the following qualifications and skills:

  • in-depth knowledge of building materials and device functions
  • very good physical condition and resilience
  • excellent coordination and good sense of balance
  • In-depth knowledge of principles and methods of design planning and construction
  • Ability to read building instructions and plans
  • Motivation and commitment
  • good communication, organizational and team skills
  • Car driving license


Work experience of a construction worker

Since the job of construction worker is a classic career changer, the applicant usually requires little professional experience. An indication of a certain number of years of experience is therefore not necessary for a job advertisement for construction workers. Nonetheless, gained experience in building and handling devices and machines is desirable.

Applicants for the job as construction workers with little work experience should show a strong willingness to learn, motivation and social skills. In general, however, applicants have very good chances of getting a job, as there is an urgent need for staff in the construction industry. When selecting applicants, pay attention not only to professional experience, but also to personal and social skills.


Education and training of construction workers

The technical requirements for the job of a construction worker depend on the complexity of the activities to be performed. It may well be that a company requires an applicant to have a technical college entrance qualification or a high school diploma. In most cases, however, a secondary school diploma or even a secondary school diploma is sufficient.

It is important that the applicant has manual skills and a quick grasp. As a rule, he is then introduced to his work on site by a trained craftsman. Since the job of construction worker is also recognized as a classic career changer, there are usually no specific requirements placed on the applicant. However, some previous experience in construction is desirable. Construction workers can take courses to become skilled workers in the craft.


Salary expectations of construction workers

According to Indeed's salary comparison, a construction worker earns an average hourly wage of around 15.48 euros. However, the salary can depend on various factors such as educational level, experience and desired responsibilities.


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