Where are real Ray Ban sunglasses made?

Ray Ban sunglasses Recognize the original

In the 1930s, sunglasses were invented that have now achieved cult status: the legendary Ray Ban, behind whose lenses the rich and famous from all over the world like to hide their eyes. But the It glasses are not only popular with fashion-conscious people, but also with counterfeiters. But how can you tell the difference between an original Ray Ban and a copy?

Ray Ban: original or fake?

First of all, fake Ray Ban sunglasses can be recognized by their logo. The famous logo is embossed on the glasses on models with double lenses - and not glued on, as is often the case with fakes. The Ray Ban lettering is also engraved on the nose clip. In addition, each of the sunglasses has a model number that can be found on the inside of the left temple. The model number, which is also engraved, begins with "RB" and subsequently designates the model, color and size of the glasses in the form of a numerical code.

Just like the sunglasses themselves, the associated case can indicate a fake. Like the glasses, this should be made of high quality material. The price is also important when differentiating between an original and a fake: Be aware that genuine Ray-Ban sunglasses are not available at a bargain price.

Of course, these tips can only provide initial indications of a fake. However, in order to be on the safe side when buying, it is advisable to buy the sunglasses from a specialist retailer.