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Top 10 blogs - the most popular German fashion blogs

Without wanting to anticipate too much, one thing is certain - establishing yourself as a top dog, uh, top blog is not easy, because as our top 10 shows, only a few blogs from last year are still there. In addition, bloggers no longer want to be called bloggers, but rather "social influencers" in new German. In any case, you should keep an eye on these ten blogs in 2017 as well.

A lot has changed compared to last year: For example, Facebook is no longer the most important social media channel; Instagram has taken on this role, which is why the formula used by FashionUnited has also changed. This was for 2016 (Instagram followers * 3) + (Facebook likes * 2) + (Twitter followers * 2) + Pinterest followers + (Instagram # * 3) / 1,000 (as of December 2016).

It is now also important to vlog, that is, to publish videos on YouTube; In addition, Snapchat is becoming more and more important as a channel. However, the two channels have not yet been included in the rating, as Snapchat has not published the number of followers and not every blogger, pardon, social influencer, is also represented on YouTube. But now without further delay to our ranking, in descending order, so that it remains exciting.

Interested in the top 10 most influential German bloggers, but no time to read the entire article? click here for the 30 second version.

10. Matiamu

Matiamu is the blog of Sofia Tsakiridou, a German model with Greek roots ("mati amu" means "my eyes" in Greek). Sofia lives - like some of the other bloggers on this list - in beautiful Hamburg and writes about travel, beauty, fashion and food. It has 264,000 Instagram followers and 8,200 Facebook fans, putting it at the bottom of our top 10 German fashion blogs.

9. MVB

Marie von Behrens started her blog in 2010 at the age of 12 and took the photos on her father's Olympus camera. Since then, the now 19-year-old from Hamburg (and thus the youngest top 10 blogger on our list) has become far more professional - companies are now queuing up to work with her. She clearly relies on Instagram and has 374,500 fans there, as well as 6,000 Facebook fans.

8. Nova Lana Love

The 24-year-old journalism student Farina Opoku blogs about beauty, fashion and travel under the catchy motto "Love and Passion for Beauty and Fashion". The strong Instagram following (612,000) and 43,300 Facebook fans put the blog in 8th place.

7. Itsmecaro

Caroline Einhoff's blog is all about fashion, beauty, travel and fitness; one of the few in our top 10 that is written in German and not in English. The 25-year-old likes to travel a lot and is in front of different scenes. As with Nova Lana Love, Itsmecaro shows what a strong Instagram following can achieve - 732,000 Instagram fans (compared to 75 Facebook fans and 1,200 Twitter followers) were enough to bring the blog to number 7.

6. Ohh couture

Ohh Couture is run jointly by Leonie Hanne and Alexander Galievsky - Leonie is a passionate style and travel blogger, while Alexander takes care of the photos and company collaborations. The blog has a proud 718,000 followers on Instagram, 17,250 on Facebook and 10,500 on Pinterest, which makes it 6th.

5. Xenia Overdose

Xenia van der Woodsen is a lifestyle blogger from Hamburg who has joined the Blogwalk community - it was third last year. But Xenia Overdose can now stand on her own two feet with 651,000 Instagram fans and 138,5000 Facebook fans - She has been able to make a living from blogging for some time. By the way, she writes her posts in both English and German.

4. Carodaur

Caroline Daur is a 21-year-old business administration student from - you almost guessed it - Hamburg, whose blog is so successful that her studies have turned into distance learning, now she mostly travels to important fashion fairs, shootings and other events related to Topics that are close to her heart: fashion, fitness, travel, photography and food. And almost 850,000 followers on Instagram and 115,000 on Facebook are really impressive and put Carodaur in fourth place.

3. Fashion hippie loves

This fashion, beauty and travel blog, which is run by Anna-Lea Popp from Stuttgart, stayed in the top 5, but fell one place compared to the previous year from 2nd to 3rd place. Instagram is clearly the engine of success with 961,000 followers, but the Facebook success is also impressive, as Fashion Hippie Loves was able to more than double its fans from 2015 in the previous year to 145,000 by the end of 2016.

2. The Modern Man

This fashion, fitness and lifestyle blog is created by three men from Solingen - Sandro Rasa, Daniel Fuchs and Konstantin Geogarkis alias Sandro, Daniel and Kosta. They shared their passion so successfully with the men they want to inspire that they catapulted themselves into second place. One of the few fashion blogs by men for men has a proud 1.8 million Instagram fans and also operates a Facebook page (6,900 followers).

1. Toni Mahfud

Toni Mahfud, who rose to 1st place out of nowhere last year, remains number one in 2016 as well. One of the few men among Germany's top bloggers belongs to a new generation of influencers who grew up on social media. Accordingly, he gained nearly 300,000 fans on Facebook (and now has a proud 1.05 million FB fans) and is the biggest Instagram winner with 1.5 million new followers in a year, bringing him to a total of 2.6 million . He can also afford not to be on Twitter and Pinterest. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the man looks good and is an all-rounder - he actually only blogs on the side and is also an artist, photographer and model.

Attentive readers will have noticed that the following top 10 blogs from 2015 (place in brackets) are no longer included in 2016: Blogwalk (3rd), Journelles (4th), Maja Wyh (5th), Masha Sedgwick (6th) , Stylebook (7th), Les Mads (8th, now discontinued), This Is Jane Wayne (9th) and Fashiion Carpet (10th).

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