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The most expensive postage stamps in the world

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When the world's first postage stamp was issued in 1840, nobody could have imagined that it would develop a passion for collecting over the centuries. In the meantime, collecting postage stamps has become a broad and popular hobby. But what has now increased even more than its historical significance is the amount of money that stamp collectors can make with them. Our experts have a list of the most expensive Postage stamps the world and explain why each is so valuable.

The Penny Black - 3,000 euros
The Penny Black was released in Great Britain in May 1840 and was the world's first self-adhesive postage stamp. And that is why it is so valuable. The Penny Black carries a picture of Queen Victoria II and does not show the country of origin, as is common today. Although there are many Penny Blacks on the market, an unused copy can make the owner around 3,000 euros richer. Certainly another reason why it is so popular among collectors.

First self-adhesive postage stamp in the world

Inverted Swan - 35,500 euros
The Inverted Swan is one of the most famous and unique postage stamps in the world, and not because of its beauty, but because of the first printing error of its kind. The Inverted Swan was issued in Perth, Australia in 1855 and was elaborately produced as a lithograph. Contrary to popular belief, it is the frame and not the swan that was printed the wrong way round. This famous brand was sold for 35,000 euros in 1983.

The Inverted Swan is the misprint that became particularly valuable

Red Mercury - 37,000 euros
The high price of the Red Mercury is due to its rarity. The stamp was not stuck on postcards, but used to mail newspapers. It shows the image of the Roman god of the same name and was printed in yellow, red and blue depending on the number of newspapers in the bundle. However, the Red Mercury was quickly replaced by another brand, which is why there are so few copies left and today it goes over the counter for 37,000 euros.

The Red Mercury was used for newspaper delivery

Hawaiian Missionaries - 39,000 euros
Despite the cheap blue paper on which the Hawaiian Missionaries stamp was printed, it is one of the rarest and most valuable stamps of all time and is now worth around 39,000 euros. The Hawaiian Missionaries were the first postage stamps made in Hawaii and used primarily for correspondence between missionaries. Hence the name comes from.

Despite the cheap paper, the Hawaiian missionaries' stamps have become incredibly valuable

Inverted Dendermonde - 75,000 euros
The Inverted Dendermonde, on which the town hall is upside down, is the most famous misprint Belgium. Even if this misprint appeared in the first two editions, only 17 copies are known today. Rumor has it that two stamps were lost when a famous stamp collector was murdered in 1942. If you want to own one of the few remaining, you would have to budget around 75,000 euros.

The Inverted Dendermonde could have been a motive for a murder in 1942

Inverted Jenny - 750,000 euros
Here is another misprint that is now trading at an incredible price. The Jenny is now worth 750,000 euros and shows the picture of a Curtiss JN-4, which is upside down. This stamp was issued in the USA in 1918, with only 100 pieces making it through the final inspection. Hence its high price.

Only 100 copies of the Inverted Jenny have ever been issued

Baden 9 cruisers - approx. 1 million euros
In the case of the Baden 9-Kreuzer, it is not a picture defect that ensures its value, but a color defect. A 9-Kreuzer stamp had a face value of 9-Kreuzer and is colored pink, while the 6-Kreuzer was green. An error during printing resulted in a batch of 9-Kreuzer stamps being colored green rather than pink. In total, only four of them are known and one was sold for more than 1 million euros in 2008.

A green Baden 9-Kreuzer can achieve a six-figure sum at auction

Mauritius' first two stamps - over 1 million euros
These stamps were issued in Mauritius during the British colonization in 1847. Pictured was none other than Victoria. Since only 26 copies are known and they are the first British postage stamps that are issued outside of the UK, it is no wonder that each of them cost more than 1 million euros.

The first British postage stamps made outside the UK

The Treskilling Yellow - over 2.1 million euros
The Treskilling Yellow is one of the most expensive stamps in the world because it was supposed to be blue-green, but actually came into circulation as a yellow stamp. This Swedish misprint was published in 1855 and is believed to be unique. For this reason, it is also traded for more than 2.1 million euros. In the course of time it changed hands several times and experienced a substantial increase in value with every change of ownership.

The only existing example of the Treskilling Yellow


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