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Restricted area Hamburg

Prostitution is hard work. Especially on the street. It is exhausting, tiring and often boring to go shopping. Big money can't be made with it either. Added to this is the everyday risk of violence. At some point, many simply can no longer, instead want recognition, security, security and a regular income from a "completely normal job".

If you feel the same way and you don't want to buy anymore, then it's best to get advice and support. Because getting out of prostitution like this can be pretty bumpy. In addition to the question of what you can and want, what strengths you have and where you would like to work, there are first of all a lot of things to regulate. For example, apply for unemployment benefit II (Hartz IV), find an apartment and possibly reduce debts. Maybe you want to catch up on a school leaving certificate or do an apprenticeship?

Come by us, we will advise and support you. We accompany you to offices and authorities and help you fill out forms. Together we will find a new way for you. Our support is free and confidential.

Hartz IV and purchase?

Everyone with no income and no savings is entitled to support from the state.

However, it is not always easy to enforce this claim. For example, there can be difficulties if you do not have a German passport or if you are under 25 and can no longer live with your parents. It therefore makes sense not to go to the job center alone.

Come to our advice. We support you with your unemployment benefit II application. If you want, we can also accompany you to the job center or other authorities. When you apply for unemployment benefit II (Hartz IV), the authorities first check whether there are other options that you could live on. So you have to prove that you have no income to live on and that you have no savings. For example, if you live with a partner who has an income, the partner has an obligation to provide for you.

If you get Hartz IV, you have to state all the jobs that you earn money with. This also applies if you only do the job sometimes and earn little money with it. Income from occasional prostitution must also be reported. If you conceal the income, then you are not only threatened with a repayment of the Hartz IV money but also with a charge of fraud.

I am in debt - what should I do?

Don't throw away letters and get support.

The most important thing is to first get an overview of the open invoices. Therefore, you should keep letters, invoices and reminders in a safe place and open them if possible, even if you find it difficult. So that no documents are lost, it would be helpful to put all letters in a folder or in a box.

There are special advice centers that will look at your documents with you, sort them and advise you on which steps to take. For example, you can contact the debt counseling service of the Diakonisches Werk Hamburg.

In the restricted area of ​​St. Georg there is a legal consultation hour every Monday, in which you can also get support in sorting your documents and advice on your debts. Like all of our offers, this help is free and confidential. Just Come over.

How do I find new friends?

When you start something new, there are often opportunities to get to know new people and to build up a new circle of friends.

If you have been buying for a long time and now want to quit, you may initially only know a few people who do not work in the field of prostitution or have anything to do with the milieu.

Getting to know new people and building up a new circle of friends is sometimes not that easy. Also because you might not want to tell everyone right away what you've done for your money so far. But don't worry, when you start something new, there are often good opportunities to meet new people.

Maybe you still have old friends with whom you got along well in the past? Even if contact has been lost, you can still get in touch now.

A good opportunity to get to know new people is also the further training / measures of the job center or the employment office. Many people come together here who have already experienced a lot and who have not necessarily followed a "straight" path in life.