What is the Google Search Engines technology stack

Help users find the information they need on your website
Add a custom search box to your web pages so that people can get relevant results quickly using the proven technology of Google search.
Advantages of the programmable search engine
High quality search results
As it is based on the proven technology of Google search, which is continuously improved, it delivers relevant results reliably and quickly.
You program your search engine yourself and can therefore determine how it should look and what content is searched.
You can quickly integrate the search engine into your website.
Select websites to include
Specify whether users can search only on your website or also on other websites on the Internet.
To match the design of your website
There are several ready-made designs to choose from, but you can also create your own search results page.
Use for free or cheaply
If you agree that relevant advertisements are shown with AdSense, it is free to use and you even generate income. But you can also pay a small amount to avoid advertising.
Monetize your website with AdSense
With AdSense you can monetize the search results pages and generate income with content-relevant advertisements on your website.
Search internal company content with Cloud Search
Cloud Search was specially developed for companies. This enables your employees to find information quickly, easily and securely throughout the company.
Would you like to create a programmable search engine?