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100 great WhatsApp sayings for your status

WhatsApp sayings are a wonderful way to open a private conversation, to show appreciation, to motivate or to put a smile on someone's face. We have selected all kinds of sayings for you that are also suitable as WhatsApp status. From funny to romantic to thoughtful, everything is included.

WhatsApp has more than a billion users worldwide and around 37 million users in Germany. Communication with friends and family via WhatsApp is part of everyday life for most of them. Messages and voice messages are sent, photos are shared and status messages are updated. WhatsApp sayings not only open up private conversations, they can also be shared in WhatsApp groups or set as a status that reaches all of your contacts. One advantage over Facebook and Co. is that you can also share more private thoughts that do not reach the masses, but only your telephone contacts. Sayings that are particularly suitable for your status can be found in the last chapter.

Tip: Use emojis to give your WhatsApp sayings expressiveness. In addition, they are so much clearer and easier to read.

Funny WhatsApp sayings

Funny Whatsapp sayings

Funny WhatsApp sayings are suitable when you are in a good mood or want to put others in a good mood. We have put together sayings for you that are suitable for different types of humor, so there is sure to be something for you. Spread a little joie de vivre with them by selecting a few contacts from your list and starting a conversation with them with one of our sayings. Whether you meet their humor or not, you are sure to put a smile on their faces. Here you can find more funny sayings for every occasion.

  1. Of course I talk to myself. We know each other, we grew up together!
  2. I am WGtarian. I eat what my roommates cook.
  3. I would like to be Sleeping Beauty. But without a prince - I want to sleep!
  4. I always have a little glitter in my handbag. In case I'm sad or someone else.
  5. The hardest parting is always in the morning from my bed.
  6. Memo to me: smile. Turn around. To roll one's eyes. Not the other way around.
  7. I don't stalk, I just do research!
  8. Exercising makes you feel like you look better naked. Incidentally, also sparkling wine.
  9. Everything I want is expensive, makes me fat, or doesn't write back to me.
  10. I think ‘, I'll give up everything and become a princess!

WhatsApp sayings for introverts

Everyone certainly knows an introvert. You can use one of these sayings to make him feel understood. Some quotes get to the heart of introversion, others are meant to be joking. If you are an introvert yourself, you can use one of these sayings to help friends a little on the jumps if they think you have something again, even though you just need your rest. Introversion doesn't always have to go hand in hand with poor self-esteem. Make sure you are understood by using a saying or quote to express it.

  1. I plan conversations that in reality I will never have.
  2. Let's get one thing straight: introverts don't hate small talk because they don't like people. We hate small talk because we don't like the barriers that small talk creates between people.
    (Laurie Helgoe)
  3. Don't underestimate me because I'm silent. I know more than I say, think more than I say, and observe more than you think.
    (Michaela Chung)
  4. Stay true to your own nature. If you love to work slowly and steadily, don't let others rush you. If you like depth, don't force yourself to be broad.
    (Susan Cain)
  5. I ask you to leave me alone for a moment. I'm introverting right now.
  6. A wise person once said ... nothing.
  7. Our culture made it a virtue to live exclusively extroverted. We have stopped the inner journey, the search for the center. We have lost our center and now have to find it again.
    (Anais Nin)
  8. Just because I don't say anything doesn't mean I don't have an opinion.
  9. Introverts can have strong social skills, enjoy parties and business meetings, but after a while they may wish to be home again in their pajamas. They prefer to devote their social energies to close friends and colleagues and family.
    (Susan Cain)
  10. I think I'm something of a lone wolf. I'm not saying that I don't like people at all. But, to give preference to the truth, I only like it when I can look deeply into my heart and mind.
    (Bela Lugosi)

WhatsApp sayings for food lovers

Whatsapp sayings for food lovers

Do you love food more than anything and do you stand by it? Then these sayings are perfect for you. Saying about food is part of a certain kind of humor that goes down well with most people. WhatsApp sayings about food are usually self-deprecating and have a sympathetic effect. You admit to yourself in a funny way that you have a major weakness: the food. Certain favorite foods that keep recurring in your WhatsApp sayings can even become your trademark. No matter what food is your favorite topic, share it with your contacts.

  1. Pizza is life, Pizza is love.
  2. How to win my heart: 1. Buy me food. 2. Make me food. 3. Be food.
  3. When I see chocolate, I hear two voices inside of me. One says: "Eat it!" The other says, “Did you hear? You should eat them! "
  4. Good fairy: "You have three wishes, choose wisely."
    Me: "Okay, doner kebab. Three kebabs please. "
  5. As long as cocoa beans grow on trees, chocolate is fruit to me.
  6. I'm finally getting rid of winter fat. I have spring rolls now.
  7. I cooked. More details in the news.
  8. What sport do I do? Knight's.
  9. Home is where I don't have to pull my stomach in.
  10. Even after an all-you-can-eat buffet, there is still room for dessert in my dessert stomach.

WhatsApp sayings for every situation

The following sayings are suitable for the ups and downs of life, so also for all kinds of conversations. If a friend is dissatisfied with their life and complains to you, or if you want to motivate someone to do something, a casual slogan can sometimes help to give them courage. Some sayings are suitable as a greeting in the morning and some are short life wisdom that you can actually send to any good friend.

  1. If your life annoys you, sprinkle glitter on it!
  2. Fear starts in the head. Courage too!
  3. Anyone who gets up wrinkled in the morning has the best opportunities for development during the day!
  4. Unicorns are great. I am great. So I am a unicorn.
  5. Life is way too short to be normal!
  6. I'm awake. I don't want to say more about my current condition!
  7. Keep calm and be a unicorn.
  8. Advice is just a blow.
  9. I can do without rolls, coffee, newspaper and getting up, but not wishing you a good morning!
  10. Open your eyes, experience the time, a beautiful morning is ready for you. And someone who likes you very much wishes you a wonderful day!

WhatsApp sayings for students

Whatsapp sayings for students

If you are a student yourself, you probably have a lot of WhatsApp contacts who are students. There are some insiders among them who are always good for a little joke. Especially if you are in WhatsApp groups with fellow students, you can make people laugh with one of these sayings. Each of the group members can somehow identify with this saying or can understand what is meant. Studying is much more fun that way.

  1. Mom: "What is the university doing?"
    Me: "The university does nothing, I have to do everything myself ..."
  2. Student: Why do we always have to be of your opinion?
    Lecturer: You don't have to, but mine is the right one.
  3. I regret all the business students who later don't get a job because there are too many. - Jan, 13th semester of Greek mythology.
  4. Wouldn't it be really cool if every time a student dropped out of college, a cannon shot sounded like the Hunger Games !?
  5. “First of all I would like to thank the floor, without which I would not be standing here.” - Me, at the beginning of a presentation.
  6. The sun is laughing, the liver is on fire. I'm in bed and I'm a student.
  7. Lecturer before the exam: "Wow, I last saw so much desperation at a party over 40."
  8. My desktop before submitting a thesis:
    Thesis new.docx
    Thesis new2.docx
    Final thesis final version.docx
    Final thesis final version corrected.docx
    Final thesis final version corrected finished.docx
  9. With Word you want to move an image one millimeter to the left and suddenly the whole text disappears, the image rotates, three new pages appear, the continental plates shift and the earth is torn from its orbit.
  10. Ravioli.

WhatsApp sayings for singles

WhatsApp sayings for singles shed light on the positive aspects of being single. They address freedom and lust for life and are often self-deprecating. After all, you don't want them to sound desperate, and there's a reason for that: being single has its advantages as well as being in a relationship. If you are proud of being single or if you are tired of family and friends asking when you will finally find someone, these sayings are wonderful.

  1. I don't want the prince, I'll take the castle!
  2. Each pot has a lid. I think ‘I'm a wok!
  3. Single because my hair is already stressing me out enough.
  4. Relationship Status: One of my houseplants is now called Wilson.
  5. Relationship status: I lie diagonally in bed.
  6. The only dates I have right now are updates.
  7. As long as I've been single, I'll be in the singles charts soon.
  8. I am a realist. I believe in great love. And unicorns. And the Nutella tree.
  9. I've given up looking for the one. Now I'm looking for the other.
  10. I can only endure couples in the form of shoes.

WhatsApp sayings about love

Whatsapp sayings about love

If you are lovesick or just want to get rid of some wisdom or love quotes, we have a few suitable sayings for you here. You can send it to your partner or friend, or you can just set it as a status. The status is useful for telling someone in your contact list something that you personally would not dare to write or say. You can find more love sayings here.

  1. I like you a little more than I originally planned.
  2. Not sought and yet found. This is how the best stories begin.
  3. If you love too often, you never really love.
  4. Happiness is the only thing that doubles when you share it.
  5. Love doesn't mean it's always easy. But love means that it is worth the effort.
  6. No, of course I don't give up love. I don't stop eating just because I can't cook.
  7. I am yours, you are mine, we are one.
  8. I want to be a better person because of you.
  9. With you by my side, I can handle anything.
  10. The love between two people lives from beautiful moments. But it grows through the difficult times that both of them overcome together.

WhatsApp sayings for friends

Make your friends happy with a nice WhatsApp saying. Show them your loyalty or just say thank you. Friendship sayings can also help help your boyfriend or girlfriend through a difficult time. It doesn't always take a difficult time showing your appreciation, however. Surprise him out of nowhere with a little confession of friendship. Our sayings help you to put your feelings into words.

Tip: Gemini status messages are cute proof of friendship. They are like friendship bracelets, only on WhatsApp.

  1. You listen to me when I tell you the same thing for hours. You are silent when I ask you to keep a secret. You call me back when I want to do something stupid again. You build me up when I'm on the ground You are there when i need you You are just the best friend in the world. Thanks.
  2. I like you for who you are, but most of all for who I am when I'm with you.
  3. No matter how deep you sink, I may not be able to pull you all the way up, but I'll do everything I can to keep you from dropping.
  4. George Washington once said that true friendship is a very slow growing plant. With you as a friend, I can say the opposite. We learned to love each other so quickly, you are like family to me and I never want to lose you again.
  5. A friend understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you today for who you are.
  6. For the world you are someone - but to me you are the world.
  7. A friend is someone who doesn't give up on you even after you've given up on yourself. I will always believe in you and always be your friend. Together we can do anything!
  8. If I asked you what you love, how long would it take you to call yourself? If you asked me I would put you in the first place.
  9. No matter what you do, I will take care of you. You are my best friend.
  10. In such a confusing world, one thing was always clear to me: the two of us. Forever.

WhatsApp sayings in English

Whatsapp sayings in English

English WhatsApp sayings are suitable for international friendships and acquaintances. Sometimes a saying is a better way of expressing what you want to say. English also sounds better to many people and it is easier for them to hide personal matters behind English. Quotes from song texts are also suitable as WhatsApp sayings.

  1. Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about dancing in the rain.
  2. Start loving yourself and you won't care who hates you.
  3. Friendship is the marriage of souls.
  4. Remember your yesterdays, dream your tomorrows and live your todays.
  5. Some of the greatest things in life are unseen, that's why you close your eyes when you kiss, cry or dream.
  6. The road to success is rarely a straight highway.
  7. Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.
  8. Don’t worry, don’t cry, just eat nutella and smile.
  9. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it's called the present.
  10. The more I think about it, the more I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.
    (Vincent van Gogh)

WhatsApp status sayings

Stand out from the usual “Hey there! I'm using WhatsApp. "," Busy "or" At work ". On the one hand, you can also use each of our WhatsApp sayings as a status message. On the other hand, the usual status messages can also be easily spiced up. We have put together some examples for you that will make it easier for you to find a suitable status for you.

Tip: WhatsApp is available in 53 languages. You can use the classic status “Hey there! I'm using WhatsApp. "In other languages ​​as well. Not only is this varied, it is sure to confuse your friends and stimulate a conversation.

  1. Not available at the moment - or is it?
  2. Online when you are not online.
  3. Online - always online - really always.
  4. Busy - getting my life back on track.
  5. I'm not available right now, my unicorn needs some new glitter.
  6. Salut à tous, je suis sur WhatsApp. (French)
  7. Ciao, sto usando WhatsApp. (Italian)
  8. I laila wau e hoʻohana nei i ka WhatsApp. (Hawaiian)
  9. Hola! Estoy usando WhatsApp. (Spanish)
  10. Hey jed bruker WhatsApp. (Norwegian)
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