Could it ever snow in Calcutta?

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"I feel lonely - and happy"

“I designed houses in New York for four years. Then God told me this was not my way. I've been teaching street children every morning since I've been in India. I'm not doing this for an organization, but for God. When others come and go, I sometimes feel lonely. But I am happy." Rebecca, 29, studied architecture in Boston

"Here is India, everything is different"

“The treatment of the disabled patients here is loving. Last year in another facility I saw children being forcefully forced to eat. They were of course meant well to them. Here is India, everything is different. I try not to just see things from my own perspective, but that's not always easy. " Daria, 21, social work student from St. Gallen

"I called in sick because of too much beer"

“You meet a lot of backpackers and volunteer girls in Kolkata. I only worked in Mother Teresa House myself because I wanted to impress Stephanie, a girl from Malaysia. But I only lasted four days, then I called in sick because I had drunk too much beer in the past few days. " Nathan, 23, is studying medicine in Liverpool

"I want to be like Mother Teresa"

»I've been traveling through Asia for a year: Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam. I am now in India for three months teaching English here. I have often asked myself who I am and who I want to be. I have now found an answer: I want to be like Mother Teresa and help. " Nathalie, 25, studied environmental protection in St. Petersburg

"I looked after 60 children at once"

“I'm going on a trip to India with three friends. At first I didn't want to work in the Mother Teresa House, the others persuaded me. I got up at 5.45 a.m. and looked after 60 children in need of cuddling, all of them sought my attention. But I found it difficult to accept the strict rules of the sisters. " Miriam, 19, high school graduate from Freiburg