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What are banners?

banner are as popular Advertising format an important part of online marketing. Certain areas of a website are often called Advertising space made available.

This is where banners are placed showing the attention the user on specific product or service should direct. The aim of the banner is that the user visits the website of the advertising medium by clicking on the banner. There are several Banner formats and Types of bannersthat are linked to different technical requirements. Internet advertising using banners has its advantages and disadvantages.

Which banner formats are there?

We have put together an overview of banner formats for you here: Overview of banner formats

The format of a banner has to do with its size. The most popular banner formats are Full-size banner and skyscraper. The full-size banner is one of the most frequently used banners. It is at the top of a website and is often supplemented by other banner formats in order to address the user even more clearly.

The Skyscraper has, as the name suggests, the Shape of a skyscraper and usually will on the left or right edge of a website inserted. The skyscraper is available in different sizes.

Which types of banners do you differentiate between?

The Types of banners have to do with the way a banner is displayed. You can roughly let yourself in four different categories subdivide:

  • Static,
  • animated,
  • interactive and
  • Rich media banner.

The static and animated types of banners are rather simple forms of internet advertising. Interactive advertising banners enable the user to choose from the Banner advertising to select. Rich media banners are even more complex because they contain small video sequences with audio, for example. With the so-called Flash technologycan be different Banner techniques combine to increase the user's attention.

The pros and cons of banners

A big advantage of Advertising banners compared to conventional advertising, such as in the print media, is that you can easily measure its success. With the help of cookies, the Frequency of page viewscomprehend; in this way it can be controlled to what extent the banners contributed to purchase decisions to have.

A disadvantage of banners is the so-called "Banner Blindness". When the banners are flooded, the user banners often no longer even notice. In addition, many also use so-called Ad blockersthat prevent banners from appearing when a website loads.


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