Why do you miss her

Missing someone is hard - Here are the best tips against longing

Missing someone who has passed away

Losing a loved one to death is probably one of the toughest situations to find yourself in. Processing such an experience takes time and a lot of strength, but it is possible. We give tips that we hope will help you:

Take a break: Give in all tasks, obligations and work, if possible. Give yourself time to get used to, grieve, miss, and adjust to your new situation. It is important that you focus on yourself and your feelings now.

Care memories: Remember all the beautiful moments that you spent with the person you loved. Write them down, look at photos, and read old messages or letters. Try not to get sad, but rather enjoy the great time you spent together. Be thankful.

Find your way back to everyday life: As hard as it is to let go, it is also important to find a point in time when you can work your way back to life. Don't worry, it doesn't have to happen overnight. Everyone is different, while one is able to lead a normal life after a few weeks, the other may even need years to get back on his feet. Missing someone who never comes back is difficult and can be time consuming.

Always carry the deceased with you: It is often mementos that we value after the death of a loved one and that always keep the memory alive. For example, if it is a ring or a chain, you can always wear the memento on your body. A nice way to always have the deceased with you, even if he is not really there. Another way to put a stop to the missing of the dead is to carry them in the heart. Feel free to contact him mentally or verbally. Tell him or her how you are, how you are feeling and imagine what they would say to that. Many people also go to the cemetery and speak in front of the deceased's grave when they miss someone. You can make a ritual out of it and recap your day in the evening. You will see that mental contact can alleviate the missing a little.

Get help: Talk about the person you miss, talk about your feelings and what is causing you distress. In many cases, it can help to ask your best friend for advice. However, if the absence causes you permanent psychological and physical stress, psychological help is not a shame.

Give yourself time: It is important that grief and longing do not disappear overnight, even with the best tips. Don't expect yourself to stop missing someone just because you've already implemented all of the above. 'Time heals all wounds', as the saying goes. So gives you the time it takes to get over missing and sadness.

Sometimes I just sit there and look up at you and wish you were still with us.