How can I stop chain smoking?

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stop completely ...

You will have addictive attacks either way - you can just leave it completely :-)

And if it should go wrong after days or weeks, the body is at least so far down from the substance that you can smoke less without switching problems when you start again.

Another tip would be to only smoke outside (surely there will be someone you can show consideration for). When the winter gets that cold again, you automatically smoke less.
The croissant
@TKKG: Yes, it works. It also worked for me to quit from one day to the next after 12 years of smoking. I haven't smoked a single cigarette in the past 6 years and I don't regret it. The only thing that is needed is a strong will and mind.
@dashoernchen: it wasn't about quitting, but about smoking less than chain smokers. and not without withdrawal symptoms. that he can then basically stop completely, we might agree on that here? :-)

By the way: 2 years and stopped from one day to the next. It's the thought that counts ;-)

oh ddv6009: I also tried to smoke "less" before. That meant that I constantly had withdrawal symptoms and only lived for the cigarette that I "was allowed" to do. you are really less cruel to yourself if you stop completely.
Somebody told me he did it by asking himself: What is the benefit of this one cigarette? He didn't find any, so he left them out. And everyone else after that too. You just have to answer this question honestly, then many of them will easily fall away.
Nico Brandt
I know from my own painful experience that there is no "less" when smoking: either-or. Quitting completely is easier than reducing tobacco consumption, this does not work well in the long term and only leads to frustration and a bad mood. When I stopped completely it was easier than I thought and the quality of life increased enormously.
Rosi Quartz
... it helps me a lot that I am not allowed to smoke at work or at home in my apartment.
Then I actually "weaned" certain cigarettes one after the other. E.g. the cigarette after breakfast, the cigarette on the drive ...
It worked for me. Now I don't smoke my first cigarette until the late afternoon.
I would make a schedule. You could plan to reduce your workload by a cigarette every two / three days until you have reached the level that you have in mind.
At the same time, you could gradually eliminate certain situations in which you normally "have to" smoke. Until one day there is only one or the other pleasure cigarette left.
But every year I stop smoking for 2 months. And that's how it works!
I buy 2 packs of Nicotinell plaster strong No. 1, 21 mg / 24 h per pack of 21 plasters. In addition, Nicorette chewing gum and a large pack of fresh fruit.
When it is day I put 2 plasters on my back and take a piece of chewing gum. In addition, I comfortably smoke the remaining zigis until the plaster works.
After about 3 days you no longer need the chewing gum and can ride down on a plaster ... if you feel something chewing gum!
Continue like this for about a week or a week and a half and reduce to half a patch for about 3 days, then it's done! Only now and then a chewing gum ... after 2 months the cigarette tastes awful!
Gertrud 1959
Maybe you should just give it up completely. Your health and your body will thank you. Either you have the will and do it yourself overnight or you use the nicotine patch. Another variant are the weaning courses or hypnosis. A friend did it with acupuncture.
Nile, yerk
Smoke chains made of light metal or plastic.