What is DLC in gaming

DLC - Download Content & Download Link Container

Not only in the video game area one often comes across the term DLC. It should be noted, however, that this abbreviation denotes two different topics.

What's behind the DLC?

The abbreviation DLC describes on the one hand a so-called Download Link Container, i.e. a file that contains all the links required to ensure that a downloaded application runs smoothly. Especially free software, pictures, videos and music are often stored on different web hosts and can be downloaded in a simplified manner via the Download Link Container File.

On the other hand, can DLC also for Downloadable content or download content stand. The latter term is used in the video game industry. The Range of downloadable content (Download Content) has increased significantly in recent years. Internet sales platforms such as B. Steam offer i.a. Add ons for already purchased game titles as DLCs. Game content is also available in this way in the Nintendo E-Shop, the Playstation Network, Origin Games and the Xbox Marketplace. Self small in-game expansions such as costumes, special weapons or even mountsTo name just a few, content can be purchased as downloadable content.

Idea behind the use of download content

From the manufacturer's point of view, the primary advantage of the downloadable content is that it significantly lower costs for transport, sales and distribution produce. In this way, even smaller extensions can be passed on to users easily and profitably. As a result, the trend towards providing additional content in part exclusively as DLC is not surprising either.