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John Cena never went to prom - so Ellen DeGeneres surprised him with one

John Cena's latest film, Blockers, is about a prom, but as we learned on Thursday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the actor-turned actor never went to the big dance himself!

As Cena reveals, he was in boarding school when the prom rolled around, so he decided to stay on campus to make extra cash and miss his prom.

DeGeneres decided to wear her hat, and viola! She presented Cena with a prom.

With a little help from Cena's fiancé Nikki Bella. After all, he clearly needed a date.

DeGeneres had the stage with a mirror ball, balloons, a punch bowl and lots of shiny decorations.

“I hate surprises, but I like these,” he admitted.

After that, the two danced slowly as if they had never danced to the exertions of the Commodore's “Three Times a Lady” in their lives.

"We can't dance like that at our wedding," said Bella.

Cena and Bella got engaged at WrestleMania in April 2017, with TODAY Al Roker as the guest speaker. They've seen ups and downs since then, but the wedding isn't over yet.

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How do you complete a one-pair ball with a fairy godmother hovering nearby? You spike the blow!

He may never have been to a prom, but Cena did the moves completely!

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