What's the salary for google design

placeJob titledescriptionAnnual salary (gross)1Engineering Director (Development Manager)Overview of all aspects of a development in the company.$ 283,5912Group Product ManagerHolds all areas of a project together, such as software development, sales and marketing.$ 253,9053Director (Head of Department)Leads teams and brings them in the right direction.$ 247,5004Senior Staff Software EngineerTakes over the management of employees in various areas - such as YouTube or AdWords.$ 242,5005Marketing Director (Head of Marketing)Communicates to the outside world what Google has to offer - for example through advertising, blog entries or presentations.$ 234,7416Senior Software Engineering ManagerMust lead a team of developers and have a lot of programming experience.$ 205,2907Senior Product ManagerLeads development teams towards a common goal.$ 201,6008Staff Software Engineer (member of the software developer team)Develop software and have to solve complex problems in the process.$ 200,9239Engineering Manager II (Chief Developer II)Leads the development teams and oversees the development, testing and improvement of products.$ 192,00010Product Manager III (Product Manager III)Monitors projects on Google products and keeps everyone involved up to date.$ 185,00011User Experience DesignerDesign Google products and make them easy for users to use$ 184,72012Senior Technical Program ManagerPlans projects, identifies risks, communicates project goals.$ 174,50013Sales Strategy ManagerSells advertisements to customers.$ 173,07714Senior Research ScientistAnalyzes data and trains the systems to learn from the data.$ 172,000