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With our services in the area of ​​Customer Service Management (CSM) we help service organizations to become onecustomer-centered and efficient work.

With"AI" -based self-services enable your customers a mobile, efficient and 24/7 interaction, while your service agents do everythingcustomer-relevant information centrally are available - in every process step, across departments and always up-to-date.

With our services in the area of ​​governance, risk and compliance, we help our customers meet the constantly growing compliance requirementsInformation security, data protection and risk management counter with suitable concepts, processes, services and technical solutions.

In this way, we enable our customers to anchor the right and affordable measures in the organization in the long term from the multitude of possible and necessary measures.

In an increasingly data-driven world, the classic methods and tools for handling IT operations are no longer sustainable.

With our services in the field of IT operations management, we support our customers in modernizing and transforming their IT operations and help them to reach the next level of automation.

With With our legal operations management services, we support legal departments in harnessing the power ofAutomation for legal workflows to unleash and theDigitization of your legal operations to master - from strategic advice to implementation and operation.

With our services in the fieldProject Portfolio Management (PPM)we support our customers in coordinating their project management better with the corporate strategy and in making the project work more efficient overall - regardless of whether it is afterclassic or agile approaches is carried out.

With the services inService management as a service (SMaaS) we take care of the daily tasks in the operationalIT service managementof our customers.

In this way we make your internal employees available to work on important projects and urgent changes, while they can rely on a reliable service management basis.

With our services inApplication Management Service (AMS) we take care of the daily tasks in the Operation of your platform solutions of our customers - especially with regard to global ServiceNow® platforms.

Our cross-projectExpertise and the maximumtransparency in our approach are the basis for a successful and trusting partnership.

With our experienced management consultants from the field of future service enablement, we develop our own answers to the enterprise service management of the future and help you to use the possibilities and advantages of digitization profitably in your own business and service processes. Our team of experts is at your disposal to translate business innovations into suitable strategies and solutions.

Our experienced employees will guide you, detached from rigid theory and individual frameworks, towards modern enterprise service management. We support you in the analysis, design, establishment and operation of your service management activities; from the requirement to the fulfillment of the service - professional and customer-focused.

Get an overview of the current performance of your ITSM processes and clarify the question of whether you can reliably and verifiably meet customer needs.

With the bundled expertise of experienced consultants and educational specialists, we offer you digital learning formats that are precisely tailored to your needs. These include interactive learning experiences, knowledge nuggets and context-specific learning formats.

COBIT® is a globally recognized framework for the implementation ofIT governance.

Accredited and experienced trainers will teach you about IT governance and management.

DevOps is a cultural and professional approach toDevelopment processes to ensure better integration of development and IT operations.

In our training courses for DevOps, Dockers & Containers and Kubernetes, you will learn from experienced trainers everything you need for more efficient cooperation between the departments involved - including official ones DASA certification

IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) is a globally recognized framework for implementing IT-Service management.

In our ITIL® training for v3 and ITIL® 4 You will learn the processes, the organizational structure and the tools necessary for the operation of an IT infrastructure and you can officially certify yourself according to the worldwide standard.

Ivanti is a provider of software in the field of IT service management, IT security, unified endpoint management and other applications.

In our training courses, you will gain experience in dealing with Ivanti Service Manager and Ivanti Endpoint Manager and learn how to map and optimize your work processes. As We also offer Ivanti training partners the official certifications.

PRINCE2® (Projects in Controlled Environments) is a process-oriented Method for project managementthat is based on best practices.

In ourPRINCE2® training courses you and your colleagues learn the framework for successful projects and concrete recommendations for action for each project phase. You can also have yourself checked, and so can yoursPeopleCert® certificate of international standards.

Scrum is a framework for agile project management, which is mainly used in the development of software but also in product development.

Our Training for Scrum get you ready for agile projects. Our experienced trainers impart methods as well as practical knowledge and prepare you and your colleagues optimally for the official exam on scrum.org before - both in open seminars and in-house in your organization.

ServiceNow® is a provider of cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) for Enterprise Service Management.

In our ServiceNow® training Gain experience in handling the software and learn how you can map and optimize your work processes in ServiceNow®. As authorized training partner From ServiceNow® we also offer you the official certification.

Get to know the possibilities of ITIL®, PRINCE2® and DEVOPS in your company in a playful way in simulations. Experience a fictional space flight or increase the productivity of a pizza delivery company. Many typical problems that are encountered in IT organizations become visible.

In our practical workshops, experienced trainers and consultants support your organization in theoretical Frameworks and software know-how in everyday practice to insert.

Together with you we work out solutions for introduction, advise on the specific design of Processes and clarify questions that are important to you and your employees.

Our training courses are also available as "Virtual Classroom Training" available:

In aOnline live session our trainers lead you and your employees to official certifications for frameworks in IT service management and project management. They are available to you personally and in real time for individual questions and explanations during the course.

In this way we guarantee the same high quality standard as with our classroom training.

OurOnline training prepare digitally, diversely and efficiently on theirCertification in front.

In the basic training forITIL®, PRINCE2® and Security Awareness you will be familiarized with the content with the help of case studies and quizzes and chapter questions - all you need is a computer or tablet with a stable internet connection.

Our blended learning format is ideal if youpart-timewant to acquire the basic certification for ITIL® or PRINCE2®.

With aCombination of self-study and workshop units you will be spread over aPeriod of around 2 monthson the PeopleCert® certification prepared.

Training courses for IT service management and project management

In our trainings and workshops, experienced trainers educate you and your colleagues Software and frameworks in the area IT service management and project management and certify according to official standards.

The whole thing in open training courses or in-house training courses exclusively for your organization - as Face-to-face training, online training, virtual classrooms or blended learnings.


In our ITIL® training we train you and your employees in various online or on-site training formats to use the framework for IT-Service management out.

Both in the older ITIL® v3 or ITIL® 4 you can get different certification courses for the official PeopleCert® certification complete.


In our ServiceNow® training Our experienced trainers will show you how to use the software to do the Work processes Optimize your organization in different departments.

As an implementation and ServiceNow® training partner we provide you with the necessary skills.


In our DevOps training courses you will get to know technical approaches to help with Development processes to ensure better integration of development and IT operations.

Both on-site and in virtual classroom training: In our training courses, you will be targeted at the DASA certification prepared, which you will complete as part of the training.

Blended learnings

Our blended learning format offers "Integrated learning"with a mixture of workshop and self-study modules.

With that, the trainings, if you can part-time want to acquire the basic certification for ITIL® or PRINCE2®: You will be distributed over a Period of around 2 months and various Workshop and online modules on the PeopleCert® certification prepared.


In our PRINCE2® training courses Learn the framework for success from experienced trainers Project management.

Here, too, you can have yourself checked and your PeopleCert® certificate of the international project management standard.


In our training courses you will gain experience in dealing with the Ivanti Service Manager and Ivanti Endpoint Manager for IT service management, IT security and unified endpoint management.

As a training partner of Ivanti, we also offer you the official certification at.


Our simulations are intense one or two day seminarsthat use an interactive game to convey concepts and practices in sub-areas of project and IT service management.

This makes them ideal for deepening theoretical knowledge and making direct application references.

Online training

In our online courses we prepare you in Web based training Use case studies and quizzes and chapter questions to prepare for your certification exam in a targeted manner.

Our digital training offer includes basic training for ITIL®, PRINCE2®, GDPR and Security Awareness. You can use it whenever you have the time and inclination - all you need is a computer with a stable internet connection.


Our training for Scrum get you, your employees and your organization ready for agile projects.

Trainers with practical experience convey the methods and practical knowledge that you need for the official exam on scrum.org and need the operational application of Scrum.


In our COBIT® training courses, our experienced trainers teach you the globally recognized framework for implementing IT-Governance and IT security.

Online or on-site prepare for the PeopleCert® Certification that you can take as part of the training.

Practical workshop

The aim of our practical workshops is Support of IT project staff to examine with practical and project-related experience and their ideas for feasibility and chances of success.

For this purpose, our consultants and trainers come to your organization to work with you in-house to find the right one Methods and tools to balance for your requirements.

All virtual classrooms

Our entire range of training courses is also available as "Virtual Classroom" available:

In a Online live session our trainers lead you to official certifications for frameworks in IT service management and project management. They are directly available to you during the course for questions and explanations. Here you will find an overview of all courses:

We offer you our training in different training formats at:

  • As a classic Classroom training, in one of our training locations all over Germany:
  • As Virtual classroom training - an online live session with a trainer
  • As Web based training - a pure online training without a trainer
  • As Blended learning - a mixture of online self-study modules and workshops with trainers
  • As In-house training - In the desired training format exclusively for your organization

In the adjacent video, our trainer Sebastian Bliesath explains the training formats in detail.

Training in your organization

Would you like to contribute or deepen knowledge of project and IT service management in your company together with your colleagues? Our trainers support you too on site and lead the training and certification with you in your company or at a location of your choice.

We will hire you on request tailor-made offer for training your employees together - just contact us by email.

ITSM Group accreditations

Our training courses as hybrid courses

Virtual classroom and face-to-face training in combination

In the future, it will also be possible to take part in our face-to-face training online. While the attendants are at the training location with the trainer as usual, the online participants can join in remotely - all they need is a device with a browser and Internet connection, a headset and, optionally, a webcam. These so-called Hybrid courses we offer for almost all of our training topics.

We use high-quality audio and video technology in the course room. This ensures that communication between all parties involved is pleasant and trouble-free. The online participants hear both the trainer and all other course participants speaking. You will see the material presented by the trainer and also a video image of the course room. Online participants are virtually included in the course and their sound is transmitted via loudspeaker.

If you should prefer an online live session as a training, you will find the right training offer in our Virtual Classroom Training. If you prefer to carry out the training on-site in one of our training centers, you will find our on-site dates for training here.



The exam insurance of the iTSM Group

With our exam insurance we bring you to your certification even more safely: With booked option you have the option of your To repeat the exam, you should not achieve the required minimum number of points in the exam. In this case, you will not have to pay the examination fees again.

It will be carried out at a later point in time than Online exam. The examination insurance is only valid for a single repetition of the examination and is not transferable.


Information on dealing with the coronavirus

Certification despite "Corona crisis"

Even during the "Corona crisis", we will bring you and your employees to certifications and know-how for IT service and project management. Here you can find out which hygienic standards we have for our training centers and which possibilities exist with our hybrid training courses.

Virtual classroom training

Via an online live session with a trainer for certification for ITIL®, PRINCE2®, Scrum and others.

To virtual classroom training