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Office clerk

Main activities

Office clerks carry out all office and secretarial work in the administrative and organizational area of ​​companies, companies and institutions. You are active in all areas of the economy. In large companies, office clerks usually have a specific area of ​​responsibility (e.g. secretariat, accounting, HR, purchasing, warehousing). In small and medium-sized companies, they are usually responsible for several or all of the administrative tasks.

Employment opportunities

Office clerks find employment opportunities in large, medium-sized and small businesses in trade, commerce and industry, in banking and insurance as well as in public administration (e.g. in local government, offices or ministries).

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Professional skills required in advertisements

Further professional skills

Basic vocational skills

Technical professional skills

    • Cross-industry business software (e.g. order management software)
    • Industry-specific company software (e.g. Ready2order)
    • Administrative office activities (e.g. filing, reception, touch system, mail management, travel accounting, appointment coordination, data compilation, time and attendance, office management)
    • General research
    • Correspondence handling
    • Processing (e.g. processing of purchase requisitions, control of contractual service provision, solicitation of offers, order processing)
    • Telephony skills (e.g. operating telephone systems, directory assistance)
    • E-banking
    • E-commerce software (e.g. Hybris, MOVEX software, Salesforce, e-procurement tools)
    • E-procurement
    • M-commerce
    • E-Government (e.g. FinanzOnline, ELDA)
    • Office software application knowledge (e.g. MS Excel application knowledge, MS Office application knowledge, spreadsheet program application knowledge, word processing program application knowledge, sending newsletters, MS Word application knowledge, database program application knowledge, e-mail program application knowledge)
    • Data storage knowledge
    • Intranet application knowledge
    • Data maintenance (e.g. data acquisition, master data maintenance)
    • Internet application knowledge (e.g. WordPress application knowledge)
    • Internet administration (e.g. web analysis)
    • Materials management (e.g. ordering)
    • Warehousing (e.g. acceptance of goods)
    • Compliance management (e.g. data protection compliance)
    • Strategic corporate management (e.g. market orientation)
    • Online marketing (e.g. creation of newsletters)
    • Web design (e.g. design of online shops)
    • Project controlling (e.g. commercial project controlling)
    • Project organization (e.g. project accounting)
    • Quality assurance in industries (e.g. familiarity with hygiene regulations)
    • Internal accounting (e.g. dunning)
    • Controlling and financial planning (e.g. procurement controlling, logistics controlling, real estate accounting, budgeting)
    • External accounting (e.g. accounting, preparatory accounting, income-expenditure accounting)
    • Invoice control (e.g. invoicing)
    • Travel planning (e.g. travel booking)
    • Data preparation
    • Statistics creation (e.g. creation of sales statistics)
    • Statistics applications (e.g. analysis of sales statistics)
    • Creation of reports
    • Processing of delivery papers
    • Cashing in sales
    • Sales administration
    • Presentation of goods
    • Customer service (e.g. complaint processing in retail)
    • Sales technique (e.g. sales negotiation)
    • Distribution of services

Interdisciplinary professional skills

Training, further education, qualification