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day of the victory
This day marks the end of the terror by the Khmer Rouge and is always celebrated on January 7th of each year.

Meak Bochea Day
Another religious festival is Meak Bochea Day, which is celebrated by Theravada Buddhists in Cambodia, Thailand and Laos. More than 1,000 Buddhist monks are said to have gathered on this day to hear the spiritual leader preach.

Cambodian New Year celebrations
The Cambodian New Year is one of the most unusual holidays in the Southeast Asian country. It takes place every year from April 13th to 17th at the end of the dry season. During the days, people prepare for the approaching monsoons, which are accompanied by heavy rains. Water is the central element of the celebrations and the houses, temples and shrines are lavishly decorated.

Day of ancestor worship
The day of ancestor worship takes place on Pchum Ben Day. This festival is also known as the festival of the dead, because all over the country homage is paid to the dead and their spirits in temples. Offerings are made in the form of food. Fine-grain rice plays an important role in the festivities, because according to the ancient Khmer belief, some spirits have no mouths and are unable to take in normal food. The festivities stretch over three days and the ancient rituals are not to drink alcohol, use violence, or steal or lie.

Water resistant
A special Cambodian holiday is the November Water Festival. This holiday is celebrated in honor of the Tonle Sap lake, whose water masses flow into the Mekong River after the rainy season, after the water reservoir was continuously replenished by the monsoon rains during the previous months. The Tonle Sap changes its direction of flow twice a year. This extraordinary natural phenomenon can be observed during the rainy season and shortly afterwards.