Roblox gift cards expire

Where can I buy Roblox cards? Information about dealers and how to redeem your credit

Last updated October 14, 2020

You have a gamer to give a present soon and have you already heard him talk about Roblox in this context? Excellent, because then the Roblox Gift Card is probably just the thing for that person. We'll tell you what is behind Roblox and where you can buy the prepaid cards.

Roblox and Robux Coupons - What's the Difference?

On the Roblox platform, users can create their own game worlds and play with others. This requires Roblox Studio, which can be downloaded free of charge. Robux, on the other hand, describes the virtual currency with which special rights, so-called game passes, or clothing can be bought in all Roblox games. This currency is available by buying it with “real money” using a prepaid card.

With Roblox Gift Certificates, you can do both Refilled credit from Robux or Premium subscription become. The Roblox prepaid cards for the PC are available with a value of 10 or 20 euros. In addition, you can refill Robux for the Xbox worth € 4.99 for € 400 to € 199.99 for € 22,500.

Where can I buy Roblox gift cards?

You currently have three options to buy a Roblox card. Two options are limited to online shops, with another you can also find something offline. Should you have one GameStopBranch or one Net with the Scottie-Market near you, you can buy the gift cards on site. Everyone else would have to Amazon or Startselect To fall back on. If the network of stationary retailers who have the gift vouchers in their range is expanded, we will of course update the article at this point. (As of September 2020)

Redeem Roblox cards - this is how it works:

First log into your account and then visit the corresponding page for redeeming gift cards. Now you only have to enter the PIN that is on the card, click on "Redeem" and the credit or the Robux are already credited to your account. You can see whether everything went well by looking at the confirmation display. Here you also have the option to use your credit directly.

Important: The cards can only be redeemed via the browser, not via the Roblox apps.

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