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Animal mailing: dogs - via the transport of four-legged friends

Animal mailing is becoming more and more popular from year to year. With the many offers on the Internet, every dog ‚Äč‚Äčlover will find their dream dog. Unfortunately, the future owners often have no way of picking up the animal themselves. Then the dog owner can commission an animal shipping company with the transport. What should pet owners consider in order to make shipping as pleasant as possible for the dogs?

The online trade in animals is increasing steadily. More and more dogs are also being placed online via classified ads. Since the distance between the animal and the new owner is often quite large and sometimes no own vehicle is available, the new owner has to look for other ways to ship animals. The same applies to buying a dog from a breeder.

Most animal transports only offer shipping of small animals, birds, fish and reptiles. One of the reasons for this is that many legal requirements have to be complied with when sending animals. Dogs and cats also need supervised transport, which understandably also entails higher costs. Dogs ideally also need a short run or two during transport. A species-appropriate supply during the transport should be ensured in any case. Because a life insurance for the animals is hardly offered at all. For this reason alone, it is forbidden to send sick and injured animals. Transport can only be as smooth and stress-free as possible with great care. And that should also be in the interests of the animal owners.

Transport preparations for sending dogs

When shipping animals, there are a few precautions to be observed for the transport:

- Only healthy dogs are transported.

- The dogs must be vaccinated, a vaccination certificate is required for proof.

- The dogs must be housed in sufficiently large boxes. Temperatures also play an important role, so you should think of blankets in winter. In summer, the animals must have sufficient fluids available.

- The last feeding of the dogs should take place at least 24 hours before the transport so that the dogs do not have to empty themselves as often during the journey.

- The transporter should have a proof of transport qualification. Otherwise the van may have to pay a fine to the veterinary office.

Once the pet owners have decided to ship their animals, the right transport company has to be found. For dog owners, the selection is manageable, as only a few animal transporters offer dog shipping.


The animal courier - dogs with single trips:

Currently, only individual single trips for dogs are offered. The price is calculated on a kilometer basis. Alternatively, there is a waiting list for groupage transports on which you can register. - Dogs are delivered the same day

The dog will be picked up at The driver looks after the dog during the transport. A suitable transport box can be provided by the carrier. There is a break every four hours, and dogs are given sufficient space to exercise. The dogs get water but no food (risk of vomiting). As a rule, the dogs are delivered to the recipient on the same day. Price on request.

Fellexpress - transport for dogs

The managing director is also the driver, who is in possession of a transport certificate in accordance with Section 11 of the Animal Welfare Act. Dogs of all races and ages are transported. Transports are only carried out after payment in advance. Price on request. - The specialist for pets

PetMove specializes in transporting pets. The transport vehicles are specially equipped for transporting animals. The dog can also be picked up from home on request. PetMove offers suitable transport boxes. Price on request.

Carpooling - Cheaper but not as professional either

If pet owners do not find a suitable animal delivery service, the animal can also be transported with a ride. In the meantime, various portals offer a platform through which animal owners and drivers can get in contact with each other. Some portals are for example:




These carpooling options are usually cheaper than professional pet mailers. For this, the drivers are usually not equipped with suitable containers for the respective animals. The pet owner should take care of this and ensure that the transport route for the animal is as species-appropriate as possible and without major restrictions. In terms of time, the animal dispatch with a ride is often shorter, since usually only one animal is taken and the driver is therefore not held up by several delivery points. However, this shipping method can also be a problem. The driver can be interpreted as a commercial activity for money. The driver needs a certificate for a transport over 65 km in length. If this is missing, the veterinary office can inform the fines office.


The transport exchange Uship is an internet platform on which dog owners can place an advertisement. This specifies the pick-up and destination of the animal transport as well as the size, weight and breed of the animal. The advertisement is free, the pet owners only have to register on Uship. Freight forwarders registered with Uship can place a bid on it. After that, dog owners can choose a carrier of their choice, depending on price, rating or insurance. The whole process is reminiscent of the eBay auction platform. The freight forwarders often still have some space and would like to fill it up. This keeps the cost of shipping relatively low and benefits both parties from the business.

Here you can submit a non-binding price request for dog transport.

The well-known parcel services such as DHL, Hermes and DPD are not equipped for sending dogs. The special delivery includes bulky and heavy items of all kinds, but is not an option for the four-legged friends.

With all shipping methods, it is important that the senders take enough time to study the various offers carefully and not just look for the cheapest price. After all, the well-being of the dogs should be clearly in the foreground.

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