What is NASA's Space Pen

Space Pen - astronaut ballpoint pen: That certain something

A Spacepen or astronaut pen is a ballpoint pen that was developed to withstand the difficult demands of a space capsule. On the very first space missions, pencils were carried as writing tools. However, there was a risk that the mines could have broken off and swallowed in a weightless space or even lead to injuries.

Therefore, in the mid-1960s, a ballpoint pen came on the market that can withstand the conditions in space: The spacepen. It can withstand temperature fluctuations from -45 to +120 degrees and can write on smooth surfaces such as glass or plastic and can even be used under water and on fat.

Impressive technology in elegant packaging

Don't panic, you don't necessarily have to fly to the moon to get one Spacepen To be able to call it his own, because this extraordinary ballpoint pen also does its job in private use.

  • With the Fisher Space Pen Shuttle Pen chrome, you bring a special edition into your home that would not only please every space fanatic. This spacepen impresses with its elegant look. It comes with a stylish gift box, but this jack of all trades can do much more than just look beautiful. He writes over his head and under water and can be used at temperatures from -35 to + 120 degrees Celsius, who else can say that about his ballpoint pen?
  • No less impressive is the Fisher Space Pen Bullet astronaut pen, which comes with a black neck strap. This pen can be used from any angle, and it can also be used in absolute weightlessness.
  • The Tombow BC-AP12 Ballpoint Air Press Pen is the ideal companion for outdoor activities, because even dusty surroundings and wet paper do not impress. Thanks to its sturdy construction, it lies comfortably in the hand and can withstand any weather.

Creative gift also for non-NASA members

Whether you buy a space pen as an extraordinary promotional pen with a corresponding engraving or as a creative gift for someone special, with this impressive pen you will definitely be amazed.

Thanks to the interchangeable refills, a spacepen is a loyal companion for life that never lets you down, even in the most unusual of surroundings.